How To Handle An Awkward Conversation On A Date

Hey lovies, this is a sponsored post on behalf of EliteSingles but all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Every date is a little awkward -- some more than others.

According to a recent EliteSingles survey, one in four Americans say that awkward conversation would be a massive deal breaker on a date.

Before you jump to judgement, here are four common ways dates can get awkward -- and exactly what to do in each scenario.

If you don’t agree on something …

Whether you disagree on politics or parenting, getting out of sync is the most common issue I hear from my clients. Realistically, it’s unlikely you’ll see eye to eye on everything with everyone. And if you’re in the early stages of dating, it might put more strain on your dynamic than the two of you can handle. Before it escalates to an argument, acknowledge the conflict -- "we can agree to disagree" -- and transition the topic to common ground. Choose an interest you know you share so you can see if a reconnection is possible or not. If you find yourself forcing the conversation, that person probably isn't right for you.

If your boundaries are being pushed (or crossed entirely) …

If a match says something that offends you or pisses you off -- like bringing up sex too soon or asking personal questions that seem too personal -- it may be unintentional. Learning someone’s boundaries takes communication, and in the early stages of dating, you haven’t had much of that yet. The best response is one that lets them know you’re uncomfortable in a light, coy way that doesn’t place blame. Try something like, “Ooo, we’re at the ‘talking about the ex’ stage already, are we? I’m much more interested in getting to know you before I get to know your ex.” If they take the hint, keep flirting. But if they push the issue, it might be time to say your goodbyes.

If they overshare ....

Did your date just tell you about their recent botox injection? Or how they wax their back? It could be that they don’t understand date-night etiquette ... or their TMI could come from a place of nerves. Before you write off your date forever ask yourself: Does this overshare seem innocent or not? Either way, be up front and do their next date a favor by letting them know it’s “a little TMI for a first date!”

If they’re negative (and you’re not) …

My clients who are optimists get uncomfortable when they end up on a date with a downer. It’s okay if a personality conflict like this feels like a deal breaker! But before you grab the check, remember that not every situation has a bright side. Take five more minutes to see if it was a one-time story or a lifetime mindset.

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