Get Ready for eHarmony's Free Communication Weekend, 4/17-4/20

Still trying to find your Valentine? Listen up! eHarmony is having a free communication weekend, starting Thursday, April 17 until Sunday, April 20. "Free" sounds exciting, but singles always complain that they can't get enough accomplished during these four days. To solve your dating woes, here's a guide to help optimize your free trial:

1. Act quickly. Sign up as soon as the offer starts. Take the personality tests, complete your profile and upload your photo right away. You only get a select number of matches each day, so the sooner you complete your account, the sooner you can start eFlirting. Reviewing your matches each day will assure you get the maximum amount of connections during your complimentary trial.

2. Don't skimp. Fill out your profile completely — including photos — and put some thought into it. If you skimp on information, your matches won't be as responsive and your time won't be as productive.

3. Say yes to maybes. Go through your matches and start communicating. If you think someone's a "maybe," go for it. You never know who might surprise you! Maximizing the time you have and broaden your horizons.

4. Be available. A lot of new members will be taking advantage of this free weekend, so expect quicker response times. Choose the fast track so you can create the strongest bond possible before the trial ends. 

5. Download the app. If you're going to be out and about, download the app so you can stay connected and get offline with your matches sooner.

6. Give contact info. If your trial is coming to a close and you don't think the site is for you, give your contact info to all of your matches so you don't lose touch. Set up a separate Gmail account so your full name remains secure.   

7. Don't feel pressured. If you're not intrigued by a particular match, don't think that you have to go out with him or her. Just because you went through several steps of communication doesn't mean you should feel pressured. Trust your instincts. 

8. Meet sooner. You don't have to exchange a million emails before you meet. Just be sure to meet in a public place and plan something non-committal, like coffee or a drink.

9. Join! If you liked the experience, join the site. You can continue to communicate uninterrupted and will get a steady stream of new matches. 

10. Don't get discouraged. If your weekend wasn't as successful as you had hoped, that doesn't mean that online dating isn't for you. Nine times out of 10, it just means that you were on the wrong site! A dating site is only as good as your matches on it. Most major paid sites offer trials, and if you follow this blog you'll be in the know. In fact, offers three free days anytime!

Happy eFlirting!

Big City Dating: Guide to dating around the world…

Credit: Paulina Astorga (Flickr)

Credit: Paulina Astorga (Flickr)


Dating is a complicated business. Not only to you have to think about what to wear, what to say, where to go and a million other things, but if your date is seriously hot and there’s a bucket-load of chemistry, you’ll want to make a good impression and make it to date number two territory. 

But what if you’re from London and they're from New York? Or you hail from Paris and they come from Down Under? Fret not! Here are Lovestruck, we thought we’d take you on a quick, guided love tour around the major cities of the world and list some dos and don’ts. Fasten your seatbelt…

Dating a New Yorker
Life moves fast in New York -- the city never sleeps, the people are hot, everyone works hard and most people party even harder. Dating a New Yorker can be an exhausting business; most are used to "multiple dating," especially the men because they have so much choice, so the “are we boyfriend/girlfriend” chat doesn’t normally happen until much later.

Don’t mention: Paying for the bill, ladies. Guys in New York like to pick it up at the end of the night.

Do mention: That you date online. A ton of New Yorkers date this way. You might be considered strange if you’re not online.

Dating a Londoner
Over half of London is single, hurray, so finding a Londoner who is looking for love is not unusual. It’s also safe to say that many Londoners are seriously into their careers, with a recent survey saying 45 percent think it is one of their top three focuses in life, so don’t expect them to pull a sickie any time soon.

Don’t mention: That you didn’t watch the London Olympics in 2012. As far as Londoners are concerned, this was the capital’s finest hour.

Do mention: Going to a gallery. Most Londoners are culture vultures and love a trip round a gallery or theatre.

Dating a Sydneysider
Like London and New York,  Sydney is seriously multicultural, so it’s pretty hard to list a "one size fits all" dating type, but we think it’s fair to say that most Aussies love the great outdoors and are avid sports fans; from cricket to tennis, to rugby and soccer, anything that is active and outdoors is a good thing.

Don’t mention: That you have never set foot on a surfboard. This is the equivalent to not being able to ride a bike or swim.

Do mention: That you love BBQ food. Anything Aussies don’t know about BBQs ain’t worth knowing.

Dating a Parisian
The French are known for their romantic attitudes, good looks and chic clothes. We repeat: they are VERY fashionable. If you’re considering wearing that dodgy shirt or yesterday’s dress, think again. Also, don’t be surprised if a French date pushes for monogamy early - this is normal. By the time you may have had a second date with a Londoner or New Yorker, you will be living with your Parisian and will have met their family, including Great Aunt Celine.

Don’t mention: That you would like him to help with the washing up, girls. Most French men have been waited on hand and foot by their mothers, so they will have no idea what being domestic entails…

Do mention:Je t’aime.” Many Parisians say this early on. Moving forward, you can expect to hear it a few times a day, so you can return the compliment.

Dating a Milanese
Basically much like a Parisian, you need to dress up and stay attuned to the latest fashions if you want to impress a Milanese. Remember: Italy is the country that gave us Casanova and Romeo. The men and women are incredibly sexy and passionate and they’re not raising their voice at you. Be patient, you will get a word in eventually.

Don’t mention: That you fancy the pants of him or her. The men and women from Milan (especially the men) love the thrill of the chase. So if you have your eyes set on him or her, make them work for it.

Do mention: That you are happy to drive. Milan is known to have some of the craziest roads of Europe, and the drivers can be pretty bonkers, too.

What do you think we should add to our little round-ups? Tell us @lovestruck!

How to Win a Guy in 10 Days

By Samantha Perry

You’ve probably heard of how to LOSE a guy in 10 days, but to win him over is another story. Getting a guy in 10 days sounds like something straight out of movie, but when it works, it's as glorious as it is on the big screen. Getting a guy in 10 days sounds like a lot of hard work, but with a little help of different date and activities suggestions you’ll land yourself the man of your dreams in no time.

Day 1: Video Game night 

Ease into the swing of dating with a casual night and impress your guy with your geeky knowledge of gaming. Plus it’s a cheap and easy alternative to win the heart of your man. What’s more there’s nothing like a bit of gaming competition on Mario Kart to heat things up.

Day 2: Bowling 

Kick it old school with a bowling date and get those competitive juices flowing with a casual game of bowling. The two of you can eat, drink and bowl the night away in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Who knows you could strike it lucky with your guy?  

Day 3: Homemade cooking 

Nothing wins a way to a man’s heart quicker than food. Spice up your typical dinner date by cooking him a romantic homemade meal and let your expert culinary skills do the talking. 

Day 4: Watching football together

Huge potential girlfriend points to be had here, if you’re taking him to see any type of sport any woman who does this for a guy deserves a medal outright, unless you like sport yourself then go right ahead. Going to see his favourite football team let’s him cheer for his favourite players while you can share beer and burgers together. Cute.  

Day 5: Poker Playing

Put on your best poker face and join in with the lads’ poker night. Show your man that women can be just as good if not better at poker and Full Tilt Poker shows that more and more women are getting their poker game faces on. So wow your guy with a full house.  

Day 6: Stand-up comedy

The tried-and-tested ultimate key to your man’s heart is humour. A stand-up comedy date is a great way to break the ice and to laugh together. However, be sure to sit at the back unless you want to be ripped apart. 

Day 7: Pub

What better way to win a guy over than suggesting going down your local pub? Chatting over drinks will ensure the mood is relaxed and by keeping it casual will dispel any first-date jitters.  

Day 8: Cinema date

No date is complete without a stereotypical cinema date with your beau. To earn extra man brownie points be sure to let him choose the film. A little warning though expects something kind of sci-fi with a little bit of action packed with guns or something horror laced with tonnes of gore and blood. Don’t worry if it all gets too much for you, it’s the perfect excuse to cuddle up to him. 

Day 9: Outdoor walk 

Learn to love the great outdoors and go on an exploring adventure by getting some physical activity. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but who could say no to a casual summer stroll hand-in-hand through some picturesque fields?  

Day 10: Live music 

Take your man to see his favourite band or artist play live, gigs are a fantastic easy-going date idea because you’ll have plenty of time to grab a drink in-between and you won’t have to fill hours with incessant nattering.  


Samantha Perry is passionate about helping people with their relationships. Whether you are still in the dating phase or in a serious relationship, her advice will make your partner fall for you.

Aziz Ansari Is Crowdsourcing Reddit for His New Book 'Modern Romance'

By Natalie Zutter for



You may have heard that Parks and Recreation star Aziz Ansari is writing a book on modern romance—but did you know that you can help write it? For the last few weeks, the comedian has been treating his fans as focus groups, holding a series of shows polling audiences about various issues related to the search for love in our social media-savvy age. It only makes sense, then, that he's now taken that search online.

Yesterday, Ansari set up the "Modern Romantics" subreddit on Reddit: Within this subreddit (open to all users), he posts questions that will provide fodder for his forthcoming love and relationships book, Modern Romance. The aim of r/modernromantics, he explains, is "for fun discussions. Please do not mistake anything you read here as professional advice. Any and all stories posted here may be used in my book on modern romance." Ansari's co-writer, sociologist and Going Solo author Eric Klinenberg, will also weigh in on the subreddit.

As Famously points out, r/modernromantics acts as a reverse AMA: Instead of answering Redditors' queries, Ansari is asking the questions. (There used to be a joke thread posted by a different user, titled something like "Would you leave your significant other for Aziz?", but it's since been removed.) So far, Redditors are engaging in the kind of open-minded discussion I see on other dating subs (I frequent r/okcupid), but with far more optimism. 

Read the full article on Bookish here!

Top 10: Libido-Boosting Foods For Your Relationship

By Naomi Mead

For those of you looking to put some spice back into your sex life, food can help you to set the mood and turn up the heat. There is growing research to suggest certain vitamins and minerals can have an aphrodisiac effect, giving weight to legends such as that of Casanova and his breakfast of 50 oysters!  But don’t worry, oysters aren’t the only option. Boost your intake of these 10 libido-boosting foods to satiate your desires and satisfy your sexual appetite.

Dark Chocolate: referred to by the Aztecs as the nourishment of the Gods! Cocoa contains a compound called phenylethylamine which releases the same feel-good endorphins triggered by sex.

Strawberries: an excellent source of folic acid, which has been linked to high sperm count in men.  Not just for the boys, strawberries are also rich in zinc, the most important libido-boosting mineral for both sexes.  In addition, red is known to be the colour of sexual attraction. Strawberries dipped in dark chocolate, it appears, may be the perfect lovers’ dessert!

3) Watermelon: branded by some experts as the new Viagra! Watermelon is rich in citrulline, an amino acid known to improve blood flow to the heart and the sexual organs. 

4) Avocados: named from the Aztec word "ahuacti," meaning testicle, because of their physical shape.  Avocados contain many nutrients such as beta carotene, magnesium, and vitamin E - all linked to improved sexual function.

5) Asparagus: these phallic-shaped stalks are not only a visual psychological aphrodisiac, asparagus is a rich source of what is known as the “sex vitamin,” vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that boosts circulation.

6) Pumpkin Seeds: another rich source of zinc, essential for the production of testosterone.  Great for boosting female desire too, pumpkin seeds are also rich in the fatty acid omega-3 which is required for making sex hormones.

7) Maca Powder: derived from the Peruvian Maca root, this superfood is thought to boost strength, energy and libido, for 3-in-1 pleasure!  Add to smoothies, or sprinkle over breakfasts or desserts.

8) Oysters: the renowned “food of love” had to feature in the top 10, being one of the best sources of libido-boosting zinc. If you don’t fancy the idea of a slippery oyster sliding down your throat, other shellfish such as prawns and mussels are also packed with zinc.

9) Rocket: this peppery salad contains minerals and antioxidants that block absorption of environmental pollutants thought to negatively affect your libido.

10) Chili Peppers: to boost the libido, and literally make you feel hot! Chilies contain capsaicin, which can speed up your heart rate and boost the release of endorphins, giving you a natural high and a lift of sexual confidence!


Naomi Mead is a trained nutritional therapist, accredited at the renowned Institute of Optimum Nutrition and regularly contributes to Nutrition Expert