Are You Ready or Rebounding?

When you feel an absence of anything in your life, it’s natural to want to replace it. While they aren't for everyone, rebound relationships aren't all DOA either, despite the negative connotation they may have. Here are some things to consider before you dive back into the dating pool.

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It Takes a Woman's Touch to MAN UP

With work, dates, and now football season taking up your schedule, who cares about bed frames or bookshelves? We interviewed Mallory, founder of MAN UP Interiors, who tells us why it's important to take pride in your bachelor pad, and how interior design has changed her love life.

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Is Your Long Distance Relationship Normal? (INFOGRAPHIC)

By Ashley Parsons, Lead Writer

Long distance relationships are definitely tough (what relationships aren't?), but these days they're much more doable with all the tech we have at our fingertips! Zoosk surveyed over 12,000 members about their thoughts on making distance dating work.

Ways Ladies Can Be Proactive: Asking Someone Out

Many agree that "the chase" is the most fun part of dating, but it's time to change up the pursuit. Ladies, it's your turn to step up and go after that new crush. We've put together some tips on how to get your game on point.

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