Your New Date-Night Dress Code

By Laurie Davis, Founder & CEO

All the details for date night are set … except your outfit. You phone, er, text in the help of some girlfriends (or if you’re a client of mine – your dating coach!) but still might not feel completely amazing.  And let’s face it, confidence is the most important thing to wear when walking into a date.

Lucky for you, the Google fashion trends report is helping crack the “what to wear” code with the data of what people search and click. Not all of these trends are date-worthy (I’m looking at you, emoji shirt) or guy-friendly (I can’t imagine many men finding tulle skirts sexy), but here are the four that can actually help next time you’re dressing for a date, including my advice on how to wear it best with your coffee- or cocktail-date cutie in mind.  

credit: Allure

credit: Allure

The Shift Dress: Consider a fabulous shift dress a versatile canvas in your closet. One great shift can power a few weeks of dates, especially if it’s a neutral color like white. (Side note: white dresses are also on trend for this season, up 36% over last year’s searches.) It’s easy to “shift” in one of these dresses and make it feel like a new outfit simply by changing your accessories. Pair it with a statement necklace and bold-colored heels for a Saturday night dinner date, or keep it casual with nude flats and a bun for Sunday brunch. You can even take it directly from the office to a Happy Hour date by sliding off your blazer come 5 o’clock.


credit: Women Daily

credit: Women Daily

The Midi Skirt: Covering up may be contrary to your usual instinct but midi skirts, which hit mid-calf, give you the perfect opportunity to play with proportions in a way that flatters your shape most for date night. For example, if you’re not as confident in your bottom half, a structured, voluminous skirt can cleverly cover – just pair it with a tighter top, which will bring the eye upwards. Or if you’ve been working on your squats and want to flaunt your booty, choose a more fitted variety like a pencil midi, and choose a top that’s a bit blousy. Either way, a heel, wedge or platform is a must to pull off this look without looking stumpy. Don’t be afraid to get a midi skirt hemmed – having it fall at that perfect spot just below the knee will keep him wanting more (leg, that is!). This trend is up 131% from last year due to its growth in the U.K.



credit: Revolve Clothing

credit: Revolve Clothing

The Silk Blouse: So many first dates happen after hours and a silk blouse is perfect for both power hour at work and happy hour on your date. Consider it a softer, sexier version of a button down. Searches for “silk blouse” is up 143% this year over last, which isn’t surprising since you’ll see it hung in store windows from Banana Republic to Anthropologie. You can go with one in any print or color but my favorite is a clean, white version -- and it seems I’m not alone. Searches for the term “white blouse” is up 58%, a trend on the rise.





credit: Glam Radar

credit: Glam Radar

The Romper: Bye, bye little black dress, hello, romper -- the slightly edgier and trendier version of the classic stand-by! The short shorts of rompers elongate your legs even more so than a dress and are generally much more comfortable. You’ve got to flaunt what you’ve got on date night, and if that’s legs, a romper will keep him drooling. But the fit of a romper is imperative and they’re not for everyone, working best on gals who are “straight” shaped, and a little less curvy.






Naturally, not every trend is going to suit your style, but having fun with fashion is about experimenting in the dressing room and learning what makes you feel sexy, poised, and confident.

What are you wearing on your next date? Let us know in a comment!

Free Mother's Day Gift for Single Moms

By Laurie Davis, Founder

Me (age 3) and my amazing mom. 

Me (age 3) and my amazing mom. 

One of my most recent clients was a single mom with five children. She was worried that she wouldn’t meet a man who could not only handle that responsibility, but adore all her children, too. Having been raised by a single mom, I understood her fears.

So many of our single mom clients tell me they feel guilty about dating. Their kids are the center of their world, so focusing on themselves for a change feels unfair.

But here’s the thing — love for someone else won’t diminish the love you have for your kids. I bet your kids want you to be happy, though they may not have been as bold as to say, “You better start dating so I can have a brother soon,” like my friend’s daughter told her a few months back.

To give your dating life a jumpstart, we’re giving single moms a free gift for Mother’s Day: advice! I don’t mean an eBook or a guide, but expert advice specifically for your online dating profile. We know one-on-one advice works best, and we want you to take advantage of it. Here’s how it works:

1.     Enter your information below by Sunday, May 10 at midnight.

2.     We’ll view your online dating profile and put together feedback that’s just for you with the top five ways your profile can be improved. It will be friendly and constructive — perhaps a photo you think is your best shot just isn’t in the eyes of a guy! Who knew? Well, after working with hundreds of men, we sure do. ;)

3.     In a few weeks, you’ll receive our advice, completely free of charge. We want you to meet someone meaningful, which, to us, is priceless.

After writing thousands of online dating profiles over the last six years, we have a deep understanding of what works on dating sites and what doesn’t. We want to share the love with you in the hopes that you’ll find someone special, just like so many of our clients including the single mom with five kids. She’s now in a relationship with the very first guy she met on Match. Perhaps like her, you won’t be a single mom for much longer.  

This giveaway has now closed, but we're still happy to help single moms with their profiles! Check out our eMakeover service. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Why Your Profile Needs a Second Set of Eyes

Credit: Ashley Bishop (Flickr)

Credit: Ashley Bishop (Flickr)

By Krissy Dolor, Director of eFlirting

You just wrote your online dating profile and think it’s fantastic. Creative opener here, witty joke there. You’ve got the digital courting game in the bag, right?

Well, think again. What might be hysterical or intelligent sounding to you could come off as totally lame or pompous to someone else.

I know what you’re probably thinking: Everyone laughs at my jokes! I’m a great conversationalist! That might be the case, but telling a joke or saying something funny (or sexy) in person can be easily misconstrued by the person reading your words … which isn’t great if you’re trying to impress the person on the other side of the screen. Here are three reasons why you should have someone else give your profile a once over before you go live:

1. Funny or Die: As a kid you might have thought joke books were hysterical. But what kids fail to realize when they’re younger is that what the joke really depends on its delivery, not just the content. So jokes, or retellings of a comical thing that happened to you recently, would probably be better said on a first date. Make your date #harhar during IRL conversation instead of trying to get them to LOL over text.

2. Sexy Can I: You’re dating online, so it’s only natural that you want to come off as a sexy guy or gal to the online masses. But the problem with trying to appear seductive or sultry is that without tone or body language, your words might appear cheap, silly, or flat-out skanky. Instead of trying to impress someone with sex appeal through words, save the sensual vibes for when you meet someone offline. When it comes to being suggestive, body language speaks louder than words.

3. Show Off: The most important part of your profile is, of course, talking about yourself in a way that makes you sound like a catch (which you are, right?). But the tricky part is to make sure you don’t sound arrogant when you’re chatting yourself up. That’s why it’s wise to have someone else take a peek at your profile — there might be something you’re missing that another person will pick up on.

You might think you’re a suave scribe, but it never hurts to have a second opinion on your dating profile. Whether it’s a sibling, friend, or maybe even a Certified eFlirt Expert, letting someone review your profile can help you avoid posting something that might turn someone off, instead of turning them on.  

What flirty faux-pas have you come across in your searches? Let us know in a comment!

Opening Lines That Don't Work Anymore

Credit: KKnowles123

Credit: KKnowles123

By Paola Hernandez, Copy Cutie

First impressions are vital, whether you’re off or online. In order to be successful in catching someone’s eye, you need to muster the right phrase. The last thing you would want is to get shot down before your interest gets to know you.  When venturing into the world of online dating, what you send through that inbox will decide whether or not they’ll bother checking out your profile. Nothing turns me off quicker than an overused pickup line or hearing a phrase that took no effort. Want to get that person’s attention? Here are a few lines to avoid in both realities.

I Forgot My Phone Number, Can I Have Yours?

I will openly admit that I did fall for this line once. (However, I was in high school, and he happened to be really cute.) The technology we today have will not allow this to happen because your phone number is in your phone’s settings. Plus, we would get your number eventually being that every smart phone has some kind of caller id app or feature. The only possibly scenario for this still making a splash is if you’re traveling overseas. Whatever floats your boat, right?

Did It Hurt When You Fell From Heaven?

This is a line that has gone through the ages and needs to go into retirement. Nothing screams cliché more than calling this person an angel without wings. Something about this particular line has always irked me though. Wouldn’t you be the least bit concerned if you saw an angel on the street that lost their wings? From having experience with outdated lines, creativity is the key to success.

I can't believe someone like you is still single.

Well, if my online profile wasn’t evidence of that, you finally caught on. Yes, we are looking for love, so using this painfully obvious line isn’t what we came to the party for.  This pick up has haunted cyberspace since people discovered that you could find love online. It shows that you didn’t take the time out to read their strategically planned out profile, or you have no motivation to make true conversation.

The art of the pick-up line is learned through experience and advice. Playing the dating game the right way will get you the best prize, the person who had caught your eye. At the end of the day, just be yourself, which means original and witty. They’re going to get to know the real you, so play it smart.

What lines have you heard of that are severely outdated? Share your worse old-fashioned lines with us in a comment below.

Subway Stops and Date Spots

By Ashley Parsons, Swoon Scripter

If you've ever tried dating in a big city, you understand the struggle of trying to choose the perfect location for romance. In NYC especially, proximity to a subway stop can be a total make or break for how the night goes. Thankfully, the folks at Thrillist have come up with a resource better than even the best wingman or woman: a complete list of the best date spots within 5-10 minutes of EVERY subway stop in Manhattan.

Don't worry, we definitely owe them for this one too.

via Thrillist

via Thrillist