Subway Stops and Date Spots

By Ashley Parsons, Swoon Scripter

If you've ever tried dating in a big city, you understand the struggle of trying to choose the perfect location for romance. In NYC especially, proximity to a subway stop can be a total make or break for how the night goes. Thankfully, the folks at Thrillist have come up with a resource better than even the best wingman or woman: a complete list of the best date spots within 5-10 minutes of EVERY subway stop in Manhattan.

Don't worry, we definitely owe them for this one too.

via Thrillist

via Thrillist

Shift Your Dating Perspective

By: Laurie Davis, Founder

It’s a big day for me because I’ve been waiting two years to tell you the secret I’m going to let you in on today. The idea began a few summers ago during a beach retreat in Cape Cod with my team. I had been thinking about the consistent issues our female clients were having when online dating, and how they actually weren’t issues on their screens. Instead, their problems all stemmed from a place within their hearts. Most of the time, when people complained about a dating site, it was actually their emotions that were in the way. It had nothing to do with the site at all. And in most cases, they didn’t even recognize it — not until they started to make more conscious changes.

When we were able to shift a client’s perspective and help them approach online dating from a different emotional level, they met someone amazing. It was a magical transformation. So we started brainstorming: What specifically was it that we were doing for these clients that helped them?

I wanted to solve questions that women have, like:

o   How can you feel better about the necessary act of dating multiple people when you are looking for a long-term commitment?

o   How can you find better matches for yourself than even the dating algorithms can?

o   How can you stop overthinking when it comes to a guy you’re interested in?

I keep saying “women” and I know you’ve never seen anything from me that is this gender specific. However, I’ve found that men and women approach online dating differently, so I wanted to start with the trends I’ve been finding with female clients. I also had this vision of a really amazingly supportive group where women could help each other, even when I’m not around, a community where females can connect with others going through the same things they are.

So last summer, I got 10 amazing women together and ran my first group coaching program with this very unique agenda and the result was major transformation. Nearly every single one of those 10 woman had their own major “ah ha” moment, like Heather, who realized she was trying to prevent rejection by selecting guys who weren’t that appealing. (Could this be the reason none of her relationships were working out, but before she couldn’t put her finger on? Why yes!) Debbie really summed up the way people felt when she said, “I’m not the same person I was before.”

And now, I want to help you make a transformation like this in your love life, too. This 8-week group coaching begins March 3. For two months, you get a weekly video master class from me, a live Q&A with yours truly, weekly “Heartwork” for you to do some guided exploration into your emotions, and a community full of other women just like you. I’m keeping the group very small because curating such a tight-knit community was such a huge factor last time, so enroll before it fills up.

Can’t wait to see you March 3!

Grandpa Becomes Tinder Wingman

By Ashley Parsons, Swoon Scripter

With mobile dating apps like Tinder growing more popular by the minute, competition grows steeper, and users go to greater lengths to reel in their matches. One guy even got his 89-year-old grandpa to wingman for him -- using younger photos of him, of course.

Thankfully, you don't have to go through all this trouble to get some help with mobile dating. Our Swipe Right package is designed to help you app-happy folks with writing your profile, and starting conversations that'll keep matches writing back!

You can check out all of eFlirt's services here.'s 5th Annual Singles In America (INFOGRAPHIC)

By Ashley Parsons, Copy Virtuoso

Exciting news, eFlirters -- recently released their 5th annual Singles in America study! Their research covers everything from what they refer to as "The Clooney Effect" to emoji etiquette for men and women. This comprehensive data has been collected from more than 5,600 singles over the past five years. Mashable made this fabulous infographic summing up the studies findings, but you can see all the findings here.

Date Night Photo Contest

By: Laurie Davis, Founder

In your dating life, sometimes keeping your confidence up is as simple as a new outfit or a reason to get dressed up. So we've teamed up with Savile Row Society, our favorite stylists who offer personalized style advice to clients live online as well as in-person, to get you the perfect date night outfit! Just upload a photo of yourself wearing your favorite date night outfit using the form below. The talented stylists t SRS will select two lucky winners -- one male, one female -- each of whom will receive a free brand new Valentine's Day outfit! The winners will each have the chance to meet with their own stylist who will work with them to create customized outfits to suit their needs and personal image.

And of course, a Valentine's makeover wouldn't be complete without some lovin' from us, so the winners will also receive a one-on-one coaching session with myself. 

If you don't win, don't fret. Savile Row Society is offering $110 off your first order with code EFLIRT110 ... just because you're special.