Have you HAD IT with online dating and can't figure out what the secret is to meeting the right person online?

As digital dating experts and the best-selling author of the guide to online dating, we have heard the same complaints from digital daters over the last six years.

they say:

“I get messages from all the wrong people on OkCupid. This app isn’t good.”

“Match.com just doesn’t work for me.”

“I’ve been on eHarmony for six months and I’ve only met one person. Online dating doesn’t work.”

Sound familiar? Maybe you've said these things before, too.

A lot of people think the dating apps and sites themselves are the reason they don’t meet the right matches, and as a result, they view online dating as a waste of their time. Some even give up on dating digitally altogether because they’re THAT frustrated.

But I’ll let you in on my biggest secret...


It’s not the site. It’s your emotions.

You can have the best intentions in finding a partner, but if you swipe on a dating app or login to a dating site with anxiety at your fingertips, keystrokes won’t save you from heartache. Your emotions and preconceived notions that dating online should be easy will get in the way of your goals.

What you need to do is rediscover your dating priorities, reimagine your first dates, and reset your search. 



It's an 8-week course for your love life where you'll learn how to get out of your own way, navigate technology with heart, and meet your ultimate match. 

Here's what you'll experience:

  • Exclusive access to 8 one-hour videos that will transform how you view online dating 
  • 4 LIVE Q&A coaching sessions where I'll answer all your questions and help your heart
  • On-demand recordings of each week's Q&A in case you can't make it live or want to listen again
  • Weekly "Heartwork" so you can continue to explore your emotions beyond our sessions
  • Lifetime access to a private Facebook coaching group where you can connect with me and my team to get guidance, as well as meet others who are struggling with the same issues.


You're in the right place

If you are feeling disappointed in your dating life ...
If you dread logging in to your online dating account ...
If you struggle getting to the second date ...

Click, Date, Love will give you insight, perspective, and actions to help you get unstuck and create a dating life that helps you find real love.


What if you knew how to manage your emotions and your inbox? 

The features of the dating site or app you’re on won’t change, but the way you approach it can.

For example, most of our clients in relationships are dating people who they rated as "maybes" on screen, and not matches who looked perfect on paper. We call it The Fringe.

I've been so successful at helping people find their "maybes", that I was asked to give a TEDx Talk on the topic. But in Click, Date, Love we'll delve deeper into Your Fringe, viewing a search screen together and helping you find your maybes. It's a workshop-style session where we do it together.

Nearly all of our clients’ long-term partnerships were created with matches our team found for them. We know that selecting matches yourself is one of the most challenging parts of online dating because if you don’t change the way you make decisions online, your offline experiences will remain the same — lots of first dates, and not many seconds.

Most people are overlooking matches for reasons that ultimately won’t matter. So I’m going to teach you how to do this for
yourself. There is a difference between a reason to say no and a reason to say maybe! And I'm not talking about settling but more so changing the way you judge people on screen. That's just ONE of the many things you'll learn when you enroll in Click, Date, Love. I'll make sure you don't get in your own way when you're online dating, so you can focus on developing a relationship.

But your support won't come from me alone. You'll be part of a powerful community of singles, just like you, who you can lean on for support and build new friendships with. These people are going through the same struggles you are, and together, you'll be able to grow further as you empower your love lives alongside each other.

You won't be alone anymore.


Curious what you'll learn? Click below to learn each week's focus:


WHAT people are saying about click, date, love: 


"I'm not the same person I was before I took this course. Click, Date, Love has changed my mindset in my love life, made me calmer, and helped me realize so many things about the decisions I make online. I realized I needed to ask myself: Is there room for me to grow with this person? Can this relationship grow? - Debbie



"An important lesson I learned was being more open in terms of the criteria I had for online prospects. The lessons about managing multiple love lines and leveraging the in-between date moments have also proved most helpful, as these are issues that were previously the hardest for me to manage. Now, I'm attracting much higher quality men who treat me very well and who I meet online, which is very exciting!" - Sophie



Why you should join us!

I'm Laurie Davis, founder of eFlirt, an online dating concierge service, and author of the best-selling book, Love @ First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating. 

I've helped thousands of singles date online one-on-one and am responsible for nearly 100 marriages and engagements. Many of my clients have moved on to parenthood, so there are some eFlirt babies running around too! 

En masse, I've given advice advice to over 500 media outlets including Good Morning America, The New York Times, The Steve Harvey Show,  ELLEWomen's Health, and Forbes. But now, I'm giving advice to YOU.

I created Click, Date, Love based on the issues I see singles struggle with again and again. As a boutique service, eFlirt can only work with a small number of clients one-on-one at once. And our Concierge services aren't in everyone's price range, either.

We’ll discuss the challenges around making changes in your dating life, and the relationship fears you might feel when things do change. Maybe because it’s been that long since you’ve met someone meaningful. It’s my goal to help you rediscover online dating so you can meet that meaningful match! 

You deserve your worth. Join me to save yourself from online dating heartache and find LOVE.