For nearly a decade, eFlirt has been helping singles find love online. Hear the stories of a few of our clients --
how we helped them create a connection and develop it into a long-lasting relationship. 


“Everything changed when I started working with eFlirt — I got so much attention online. They acted as a personal filter, weeding out people that wouldn’t have been right for me, making the world of online dating a safer, smaller place. 

When I met Rusty, he made me feel special, but things moved slowly. If I was dating on my own without coaching, I probably wouldn’t have given this relationship a proper chance because I was looking for the negatives, but once I talked through it with my eFlirt Expert, I learned how to be open-minded … and open-hearted. In fact, some of the things I discussed with her were so personal, I couldn’t even tell my inner circle!

Rusty and I have been together for more than two years and he still gives me butterflies. Recently, he proposed and I couldn't be happier!"

- Gigi F., San Diego CA





"Not only did eFlirt help me write my profile, they helped me find love.

I'm glad I waited for eFlirt's expertise because within a week of posting my new profile, Martha reached out to me. That was in December 2012 and just recently in August 2015, we got engaged.

I can't thank Laurie enough for what eFlirt has done for me, both for my love life and beyond. I still consult with eFlirt at times when I have relationship questions, and the team still goes out of their way to help me to this day."

- Alan K., Hoboken NJ