meet our editorial team.

Photo Credit: Michelle Kinney Photography

Photo Credit: Michelle Kinney Photography

Ashley Parsons, Associate Editor.

Ashley Parsons is eFlirt Expert’s newest Associate Editor intern who’s just as spicy as she is sweet. She’s a senior at William Paterson University where she studies English and Public Relations. She also works on campus as a tutor for fellow students who are having trouble writing the right words. When she’s off campus, she enjoys watching SyFy original movies and listening to songs with sultry bass lines. Ashley also likes writing music for her band, which serves as therapy for getting over past dating disasters. She hopes that her writing ability — as well as the sass that accompanies it — will make her a great addition to the editorial team.


Kayla Lopez, Copy Cutie.

Kayla Lopez is one of the latest Copy Cuties to join the eFlirt Expert team. She received her bachelors’ degree in English Literature from California State University Northridge and is currently pursuing her masters in English Literature at Northridge State. Kayla created be., a blog that illustrates the embarrassing (yet enlightening) moments that occur while engaging in intimate moments in the bedroom with a lover. When Kayla isn’t writing, she enjoys going to local hot spots around lovely Los Angeles.


Mark Davidovich, Suave Scribe.

Mark Davidovich is the latest and gayest addition to the eFlirt Expert editorial team. As the blog’s first gay male writer, he provides a unique perspective into the über-competitive world of man-on-man dating and isn’t afraid to go there. He’s a spin doctor (read: publicist) by day at the aptly named Mark Davidovich Communications and spends his nights in the trenches, "researching" New York’s gay dating scene in intimate detail. It’s Mark’s belief that dating and PR are almost one and the same — it’s all about communication and a great pitch (but, of course, having a quality product doesn’t hurt, either). Mark hopes eFlirt Expert readers will appreciate his tell-it-like-it-is style, where no topic is ever off limits.


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Amanda Rodriguez, Copy Cutie.

Amanda Rodriguez is the latest Copy Cutie to join the eFlirt Expert team. Hailing from Elmhurst, Queens, she’s currently attending CUNY Brooklyn College working on a major in Journalism and double minoring in Women’s Studies and Art. Amanda has worked as a freelance contributor for both the Brooklyn College Excelsior Newspaper and the Kingsman, and had an article featured on the Brooklyn News Source website. She’s also a member of Delta Sigma Chi Multicultural Sorority Inc. and has been a sister for two years, going by the name “Treble.” Aside from writing (and yes, she’s helped polished her own share of dating profiles herself!), she’s also a singer, poet and photographer, and is beginning to hone her graphic design skills.