Are you ready for the relationship you deserve?

Most of our clients didn’t think online dating was for them before working with us. They said it was too intimidating, too time-consuming, too overwhelming. “It’s a numbers game,” they said.

Maybe you feel the same and, like them, want to find love. But... 

Finding a relationship with someone worthy of your heart isn’t easy.

You’ve created a life you love — a successful career, a sophisticated lifestyle, a grounded sense of self — but you haven’t met anyone worth sharing it with yet. You’re at a place in life where your friends have partnered up, and you’re left unmatched. 

Meeting a partner who complements you is a priority, but the options in your social circle are limited.

Whether you’ve just signed your divorce papers and are unsure of the nuances of modern dating, or have concentrated on developing your career while your love life sat on the back burner, one thing is certain: dating hasn’t been your focus. 

Here is how we've helped a few people just like you find love. 

what if your online dating life wERE curated for you?

Our exclusive Concierge service is designed for busy professionals who don’t have the time or desire to spend hours dating online each day, and don't want the limits of a matchmaker, either. 

It's more than having your profile written. 

We handle all of your online interactions, so you can dedicate your energy to enjoying the spark of dating in person and developing a relationship that will make you happy and fill that missing void in your life.

We’re a think tank for your heart, a team of digital dating experts with an intimate understanding and unique skill set in online dating communication, optimization methods, and relationship development. You’re still in control of who we eFlirt with, but a team of pros will take care of all the details and move your love life forward daily — freeing you up to focus on enjoying the actual in-person dates.

More than merely managing the logistics of your love life, we also provide one-on-one coaching as your relationship develops, too. Our goal isn’t just to find you a date with anyone, but to support you as you create a relationship with the right one.

More than half of our former Concierge clients are in relationships after working with us.

Helping people find lasting partnerships is our passion, our mission, and why we get up in the morning.


Here is how the Concierge service works:


We'll determine the best sites for you — both mainstream and niche. It's a customized approach because no one site is right for everyone.

Message Matches.

Never wonder what to say in a message again. We’ll handle all incoming and out-going messages with your matches using our proven conversational techniques to move the conversation offline and in person for a date with you.


A completely customized new profile (or profiles) will be written for you, including your username. We’ll perform a photo analysis and select your best pictures, and will schedule a professional photography session if needed.


We will moderate, filter, and oversee every dating account, optimizing your profile for superior placement and visibility.

Search and Select.

You never need to log in and search on a dating site again! We’ll curate matches for you each week, based on your specific preferences, and notify you when there is mutual interest. Our focus is always to help you meet quality people.


Date nights and reservations will be curated by us to create the perfect offline evening where sparks can fly.


As your emotions evolve, so should your dating approach. We’ll support you from your first date with a match and help you establish exclusivity with someone, when it’s the right fit.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a complimentary compatibility assessment below.

You can also find our FAQ page by clicking here