Love At First Click Workshop

Love At First Click Workshop


Falling in love is one of the top 10 New Year’s resolutions for Americans, which means online dating sites get busy around January 1. According to, membership increases 38% from December 26 to February 14! This is exciting, because it means there’s a lot of possibility for love.

However, what I’ve seen over the last five years as a digital dating expert is that singles end up struggling the most this time of year — especially when they’re new to online dating.

With so many members on your dating site, it can feel like being at a crowded bar — the bartender isn’t even paying attention to you, never mind that cutie in the corner.  Because when you’re new to a dating site, there’s so much to learn: you’re not familiar with the functionality of the platform, unsure of how to present yourself, have trouble communicating effectively and transitioning offline with your matches, and generally, just don’t yet possess the skillset to navigate the online dating world. What’s more is that you’re trying to learn at a time when there are many others vying for the attention of your matches. Inboxes are busy, and you need to make a first impression that will stand out … and last.

The sad thing is that while this is such a popular time for online dating, it’s also when I find a lot of people quit. They give up on love, because the process to find it seems too overwhelming to continue. Singles spend hours in front of their computer, trying so hard to meet someone meaningful, but they never get out on any dates.

I don’t want this to be you.

After five New Years’ seasons of watching this pattern, I can’t let it happen one more time without doing anything about it. So this year, I’m hosting an online workshop exclusively for those brand new to online dating. The Love At First Click Workshop — named after my best-selling book, Love @ First Click: the Ultimate Guide to Online Dating — will teach you the skills you need to make sense of the digital dating world. For two hours on Tuesday, January 6, I’ll teach you how to write a profile that’s both authentic to you and also gets the attention of your matches, show you the secrets to navigating the most popular dating sites, and educate you on messaging matches in a way that actually gets you meeting them in-person for a date.

These days, I personally work with very few clients one-on-one, but you’ll get direct access to me — and at a steep discount. My rate for two hours of coaching is $600, but I’m offering this workshop at the special rate of $49!   

During the LIVE 90-minute lesson, you’ll learn ways to present yourself online authentically that will inspire your matches to click, how to seamlessly handle the dating site you’re on, and most importantly, tips on communicating that will encourage you to meet your matches in person for dates. This advice will be relevant to you no matter which dating site you've joined (or are considering joining)! Afterward, you’ll get to ask me any questions you have about online dating during the 30-minute Q&A period.

Make online dating less overwhelming by educating yourself on finding love digitally. Join The Love At First Click Workshop to gain the courage and know-how to date online and meet your right click.

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