Krissy Dolor

Director of Client success

Krissy’s Master of Arts in Journalism and penchant for long-term relationships makes her the perfect fit for advising clients in the dating world and providing the eFlirt team with ongoing support. From helping edit Laurie's first book, Love @ First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating, to logging into clients' dating accounts every day, she knows all the tips and tricks for getting our clients offline -- and getting them one step closer to meeting their right click. Prior to coming to eFlirt, she worked as the senior editor of Cupid’s Pulse, where she offered dating advice everyone can use. Krissy has written for The New York Times,, and

Most unusual date: Meeting up with someone at my favorite bar from college ... in another state. 


Jessica Kane

Client Relationship Strategist

Jessica's degree in Dramatic Writing from NYU is where she learned how to use words in a way that prove too enticing for readers to ignore. Since graduating, she's taken her writing skills to eFlirt, where she uses her talents to hep clients find their elusive other halves. Jessica regularly performs improv and sketch comedy, mining her dating life for juicy, quirky material to use when she's on stage. Her way with words and passion for passion makes her a valuable addition to the eFlirt team.

Most unusual date: A former boyfriend and I were at a speakeasy when I decided to initiate a kiss between us for the very first time -- and the hostess stopped us to say no PDA was allowed! I was very embarrassed in the moment, but soon after it became an inside joke we laughed about every time we went for a quick peck in public.

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Ashley Parsons

sr. Client Relationship Strategist

With a degree in English and Public Relations, Ashley has a way with words and is extremely persuasive. In her spare time, she enjoys writing music for her band, which serves as therapy for getting over past dating disasters. Her writing ability—and the sass that accompanies it—makes her a natural at editing the eFlirt blog and great addition to the eFlirt team.

Fave first date spot: A karaoke bar! If someone's willing to risk looking at least a little bit foolish, they know how to hang. (And if they do know how to sing, they're instantly twice as appealing.)


Courtney Landi


With a dual degree in Literary Studies and Communication, Courtney is no stranger to the nuances of the written word. Prior to coming to eFlirt, she worked as a Publicist at Penguin Random House where she spent most of her time pitching romance and women’s fiction novels to national media outlets for review and feature attention—that is, when she wasn’t gushing about the inter-workings of her own romantic life to colleagues turned friends. A mountain girl with a gypsy soul, Courtney’s varied life experiences and propensity to follow her heart provide a unique lens through which she guides clients toward an intuition of their own.

Fave flirty moment: “Is that thing on?” I asked the bewildered bartender at the bowling alley, pointing to the Icee machine. I ordered one sans alcohol while my friends tipped back beers. When my drink arrived in all its childhood glory I turned to the attractive guy sitting beside me and said, “Admit it, I know you’re jealous.” I gave him a sip and we’ve been together ever since!




Samantha Eng

Client relationship strategist

Samantha’s Master of Arts in Journalism, Public Relations, and Digital Media Studies combined with an extensive career in Fashion Marketing & PR gives this literary maven the uncanny ability to put your best foot forward on paper … and off. A NYC gal-on-the-go, Samantha’s quick wit, city savviness, and sinfully sweet demeanor help her (and her clients!) maneuver the dating scene with ease.

Fave first date spot: Coffee to go and a walk in the park! Stepping out of the box from traditional dating formats is a breath of fresh air. :)