Your personal shopper for love

What happened when Women's Health writer, Caitlin Carlson, enlisted the help of eFlirt? Digital dating success! We only led her love life for a few short weeks, but it resulted in a date, lots of flirty messages, and advice that lasts a lifetime. "I'm still using Davis' strategies," said Caitlin in the April issue.

The secret? Caitlin gave one of our eFlirt Concierge services a test drive. It's a juicy package that we don't offer to just anyone. (You won't even find this one listed on our website.) Because our goal is to make sure you get love in return, we make it available to just to a few, special singles.

Here's what it includes:

  • A professionally written, captivating profile. When Caitlin read hers she replied, "This is GREAT! You made me sound way more interesting than I could have done myself." 
  • Photo advice and selection from our resident guy (because let's face it, that's who you're trying to attract).
  • 10 custom-written messages per week -- that's 40 messages a month! -- to your "favorites" on up to two sites.
  • One week of searching for you so you get a fresh perspective on who you're selecting online.
  • Feedback on your message strings so you get on more dates. How is what you're saying coming across? When should you nudge him to meet up (if at all)?
  • One-on-one advice from your personal Certified eFlirt Expert via email and phone

Not sure this service is "The One" for you? No sweat. Check out our other personal services that will help you meet your right click because you're worthy of better matches.