Win Cash for Your Virtual A-Game

OkCupid-aholics, it's time to get noticed! Starting today you can enter the Who Has the Best Online Dating Profile Contest. This contest is intended to show off the smart, attractive, diverse and very date-able people who are currently using OkCupid. Are you one of them?

It's no secret that the eFlirt expert is an OkCupid fan. What I love the most about the site, is that it injects fun into dating. Dating should be a blast, even when you are doing it online. Where else can you rate your matches on a 1-5 star scale, take sassy tests that are telling about your personality, and learn how you match as friends and enemies, too? Remember, a dating site is only as good as your matches. No one site is perfect for everyone. Since OkCupid is free and growing with 3.5 million users to date, all you singles should take a look!

It goes without saying that the winner of the best dating profile contest will have their pick of the virtual litter. As a dating coach, I can't help you win this one (that would just be unfair), but I can give you a few tips for catching the voters eye.

  • Avoid Lame Adjectives and Cliches.  Leave all laid-back, family-oriented, huge heart-ed comments on the cutting room floor.
  • Be Succinct.  If your profile reads like a novella, you'll lose the reader's attention before they get a chance to vote.
  • Go Outside the Box.  Highlight a few things about yourself that are not every day traits like quirks and funny anecdotes of your life.

The contest runs from October 20, 2009, to November 30, 2009. Winners will be announced on December 2, 2009. All contest participants will be automatically enrolled in a sweepstakes for $250 cash. Can you impress the eFlirt expert enough to vote for you?