Have You Met Merri?

To be a truly successful online dater, you have to have the ability to laugh it off sometimes. After an awful date or an email from someone who is SO not your ideal match or a lonely weekend, turn on MERRIme for laugh-out-loud sympathy. The sitcom is about an LA gal who is having her own online dating woes. It will set your mind at ease and remind you that you're not alone in cyber-ville. The webisodes are short to accommodate the ADD online mentality and, after a few shows, it's clear that Merri has been through some doozy dates.

In order to avoid real life hilarity, the eFlirt expert points out some red flags inspired by Merri's adventures:

1. Your user name matters. Don't choose something lame like "WhoIsYourDaddio."

2. Don't go out with every guy who emails you and for heaven's sake DON'T do dinner dates!

3. Never underestimate the power of an outfit.

4. Broaden your horizons. What if Merri hadn't dismissed Ryan in episode 7?!

5. Don't talk about future children with your match on a first date.

6. Never use spray butter.

7. Never meet up with some just to tell them you decided to start seeing someone else.

8. Wear your nicest sweater.

9. Always have an amateur makeup artist on speed dial in case of tears before a date.

10. If your last date gets 2 cupcakes or less on your own date-oye-meter, you need aneMakeover!

Will we see MERRIme on TV one day? Well now, that would be fabulous.