Sexting To Your Advantage

Sexting has become a hot topic lately. The truth is, it was a hot topic before it was an urban term. Wikipedia says it is "the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photos electronically, primarily between cell phones." There are so many gray lines when sexual subject matters are concerned, though.

What is the difference between flirting and sexting? How do you know that you're doing it?

The eFlirt expert says a sext takes flirting to a whole different level. Rather than simply being coy and using double entendres, the ACT itself, is discussed. You talk about hypothetical situations, what it might be like, things you enjoy, how long it's been on your mind, WHAT exactly is on your mind, what could happen and what you want to happen. You might still use code words like wrestling, but there is no question about what both of you are talking about.

What do the singles have to add?

SingleCityGuy says a sext is a text when someone makes it clear that they want sex. "Sexts are aimed to gain interest and can be thought of as foreplay."

Simone Grant adds that it might include a photo. "What is and what isn't a sext? If I'd be embarrassed to have my guy show it to his friends - it's a sext." Needless to say, trust is key when sexting.

SingleGal says that it might not be a one time thing - it can lead to more sexually suggestive texts in the future. "It's phone sex for the next generation!"

Above all, the eFlirt expert wants you to make sexting work to your advantage. Use it to find out if you're sexually compatible, get the safe sex conversation out of the way and tease to your heart's content! Building sexual tension via sexts will make for more interesting times behind closed doors ... guaranteed.