To Give or Not to Give?

It's holiday gift giving crunch time and you might be wondering ... "Should I give my match ChrismaHanuKwanzakah love?" Your resident online dating coach is here to help.

If you haven't met your match in real life yet, sending them an eCard or a "Happy Holidays" email shows that you're thinking about them. It's a simple way to stand out on the crowded cyber streets and show that you are interested in getting to know them more without saying so directly.

If you have been on two or three dates, give them a card. Don't go overboard with your message, just say that you wish them a happy holiday and look forward to another date in the new year. If you don't know your match's physical address yet, you can send your first card for free through Tigerbow.

If you've been on four dates or more, get your match something small and meaningful. Ideally, it should be something they talked about previously or you know they would love. Don't spend more than $20 if it has been four dates. When you give the gift, mention that you "saw this and thought of them." This will take the pressure off of them if they didn't reciprocate the gift giving and will score you brownie points!

Have a happy and healthy holiday, eFlirt'ers!