Introducing LoveNation!

After many sleepless nights and tireless days, I am proud to introduce LoveNation to you!

Here's the show's description: In an evolving dating world, there isn't enough support for couples and singles in unique situations. LoveNation covers the emerging trends they face and gives tips to these up-and-coming crowds.

Basically, it's a Web show hosted by me, your eFlirt expert, and Thomas Edwards, the Professional Wingman. Every Tuesday we will post a show about an emerging dating trend — think cougars, commuter couples, etc — and will answer a viewer's e-mail question. Then, every Thursday we will post a He Said/She Said show to give the male and female perspective on a dating topic. Sometimes we'll agree, and sometimes we won't. You'll have to stay tuned!

Whatever the topic may be, both men and women, on-line daters and off will be able to get quality dating advice. Have a question you want to be featured on the show? Click here.