Online Dating: "Instant" Messenger?

By Laurie Davis, Founder


Anyone who's tried in the last year or so has probably seen the Instant Messenger feature. Instant, you say? This feature is actually the opposite of instant. While waiting for the IM client to reload or send a message, you may age another year.

While I applaud Match on adding the feature, they need to work out the kinks. Until the bugs are fixed (and to avoid having more wrinkles by the time you finish a single conversation), I recommend disabling the feature. Trust me — your matches will thank you.  

If you do insist on keeping IM enabled, here are a few tips:

1. Try another way of communication.  Once you're comfortable with your chat buddy, ask them if they have AIM, YIM, GChat, etc. Explain that you're having trouble with the IM client. I'm sure they'll thank you!

If you're worried about giving someone your screenname so soon, create a seperate, free AIM name for match'ers only.

2. Keep the conversation short.  The longer the chat, the slower the IM gets.

3. Refresh the fresh.  Reloading the IM or signing out of your account and back in again helps. No promises, though.

4. Let your voice be heard.  Email the support team and recommend that they upgrade their IM. Hopefully it will get better in the future!