By Laurie Davis, Founder

I bet you never thought you'd see that word for quite a while, huh? No, the economy is not 'booming' but online dating is on an incline during the recession. The Economist reported that "on-line dating sites such as and have seen business look up." Why? In short, the Economist says that perhaps you want to commiserate with each other, or comfort each other. Or maybe you're dating more because you have an excess of free time since you were laid-off, forced to take a pay cut, or handed furlough days. You desire to couple up and save money on living expenses.  

What do I think? While all these points are probably true, I believe it goes deeper. When you get laid-off and your world no longer revolves around your career, you realize that there is life beyond the office. Your mind begins to re-prioritize and you think,
"Perhaps a partner is important."
"Maybe I do want to consider children later on in life even though I never thought I would want them."
"Do I really want this to be...IT?"

When you have more time to think, your mind starts spinning some crazy ideas. You have more time to deal with your emotions, so you experiment more.
"What would it be like if I dropped my guard a bit more on this next date with Jennifer?"
"Maybe I should let my hidden, hopeless romantic flag fly."
"Why not try this online dating thing that people talk so much about?"

You want something else to focus on other than the state of the economy. Even those who were able to keep their jobs have heightened stress levels. Dating keeps you focused on something positive. Particularly if you've never tried online dating before, it can easily become time consuming — emailing, talking on the phone, dating.

If you're nervous about online dating, it's best to just take the leap on a free dating site and test the waters on OKCupid or PlentyofFish.