Twitter for Singles

By Laurie Davis, Founder



It's no secret that micro-blogging is becoming a hot social networking platform these days. While Facebook and Myspace account holders have more in-depth profiles, Twitter accounts are sparse. The focus falls on the 140 character updates. In a unique twist of events, Twitter is being used not just by consumers, but as an important part of current marketing campaigns.

I believe that online dating is truly marketing your single-dom. Since Twitter is the newest online marketing tool, there should be a way to connect with other singles, right? Enter Through this service, you can tweet singles that are in your area who meet the basic stats of what you're looking for. Have your eye on someone specific that you are following? Log on and see if they are also on DateTwit. It's an easy approach, because if they're also on the site, you know they are single and looking to meet someone.

I wouldn't recommend that this take the place of online dating in your life — just enhance it. Use this as an additional tool. There are no profiles on DateTwit, so you're not able to check out your potential match quite as thoroughly before meeting. The concept lends itself more to finding a quick companion to head to the movies with or for breaking the ice with a follower/followee that you're interested in. A cool new concept for single tweeters!

Finally, please be aware that DateTwit is only a Beta version right now, so only time will tell how well it does. Since it was literally just soft-launched, the site is pretty slow right now but I'm sure the geniuses behind the concept will fix that soon. Follow @datetwit for ongoing information on improvements to the site.