Hopeless Romantics Apply Here

By Laurie Davis, Founder

There are many reasons why people turn to online dating. The most common I see are: a) finding true love, b) wanting a venue other than bars to find dates, and c) throwing oneself in to the dating world after a bad breakup for distraction and a rebound or two. Don't fret — after an eMakeover with me, you'll be able to tell by looking at someone's profile which category they fit in to.

In the meantime, for those of you dying to be in a long term relationship, get thy butt to Chemistry.com. Chemistry is Match.com's personality driven product, geared towards a relationship-oriented demographic. Personality test, eh? Eharmony may spring to mind when you hear me utter those two words, but Chemistry's test is much different. Rather than asking if you "sometimes waste time when you should be working" (don't we all?) or "always read all of the warning literature on side-effects before taking medication" (a very small percentage of the population), Chemistry gives you the third degree in a different way. The questions delve deeper and hint at a more biological way of thinking. As a former personality test junkie, Chemistry's questions and satisfying results seem Enneagram-like. They actually categorize your personality type, which you can read up on after the test if you’re as inquisitive as I am.

The site offers not just the one time test, but on-going "hidden chemistry" questions that pop-up each time you log in. Answering these questions are optional, but aid in matching you further ... plus they're fun! Chemistry also generates first meeting locations by choosing an equidistant coffee shop to you and your match's zip codes. This eliminates awkward conversations about where to meet and what to do. After your date, head back to your computer where you can review your match. This info is for matching purposes only. If you didn't have a great time, Chemistry will tweak your potential matches and recommend some different personalities in the future.

I have nothing against eHarmony — they have a great pool of singles. But Chemistry definitely has an innovative take on the personality test concept. Check it out!