Say Cheese!

I've said it once and I'll say it a million times — your photos are the MOST important part of your online dating profile. Everyone looks at your cute mug first, so if your pics aren't great, your potential match will move on without so much as a wink at you. Online dating is marketing your single self, so your photos are 'product shots.' Just like any good marketing campaign, the packaging and branding needs to fit the product and target demographic. What does the eFlirt expert suggest?

If you don't have good shots of yourself, you should definitely invest in them. Hiring a low-cost photographer is the best way to go. Make sure that you tell the photographer what you are using the shots for so they'll capture a fun, casual atmosphere. There's nothing worse than the posed yearbook photo look! If you're an actor and you post your headshots, that's one thing. If you're a regular Joe or Jill and you hired a photographer just for this occasion, you want the shots to look as if your friends might have taken them except instead they are well-lit, exceptionally composed, and capture your best self.

But let's face it, we're in a recession people. DIY has taken on a whole new meaning. If you don't have the cash to hire a photographer, ask your friends to help. Below are some tips on snapping those perfect shots.

Start by shooting a few pics at your place. The goal is two or three outfit changes so it doesn't look as if they were all taken in the same night. By starting at your place you can change after the first round of photos.

Make sure you wear a rockin’ outfit. No t-shirts! (Unless it’s a really cool one. Or you live in LA.) Solid colors work best but it’s more important to wear something that makes you feel awesome. Most importantly, stay away from small, tight patterns. For example, the camera doesn’t like thin stripes because they can blend. Fit is most important. If your outfits are too baggy, your match won’t get a good idea of your shape. Rather than hiding imperfections, shirts that are too loose will make you appear wider. 

Ladies, get your hair blown out and make sure your makeup is perfecto. We still want it to look like you, but a little extra umph never hurt anyone. With that said, don't wear a ton of makeup if you usually only wear lipgloss ... or wear your hair in a completely different style. Be true to yourself.

Use a digital camera. This way you can do some basic editing to enhance the photos — cropping, red eye adjustment, etc. If you can't figure this out on your own, send the pics over to me. I offer photo editing services for $20/photo.

Change your outfit, head to a bar, and keep snapping. It's best if the bar is well-lit, though I know that's asking a lot. Make sure the flash is turned on at the very least!

It’s best if the photos are of you by yourself. A few with pals are ok as long as it's not a member of the opposite sex or someone who is hotter than you. I know, I know — but it's true, and you know it!

Try to get a few good 'headshots' (head and shoulders) and some 'body shotss as well. No, not those kind of body shots — a photo of your whole bod so matches can check out your physique.

Take shots, don't drink them! It's ok to have a few drinks to loosen up but don’t get drunk until after you're done taking the photos. You may think you look awesome drunk, but you don't. After you're done with the pictures, then Jack Daniels all around!

Smile! Even if you never do in photos, try a couple shots showing your pearly whites. We want to make sure you seem approachable. Go on, just try it.

Use a critical eye when you're reviewing the photos. Think of who you’re trying to attract. Keep in the back of your head 'best version of self.'