Free Flirt Advice

By Laurie Davis, Founder

Remember in college, your professors had office hours? There was an open door policy and you could stop by with any questions you had. Well, the eFlirt expert is bringing you office hours for singles! While it's a throw back to your college days, this is not your typical syllabus. Every Wednesday, singles of any age can come in for ten minutes of complimentary 'extra help' in the flirting department.

Pull up a chair, pick a topic, spill your dating woes, and get sage advice from the expert. Topics may include:

  • Online Dating
  • Your Profile
  • Emailing Matches
  • First Dates
  • General Dating or Flirting Advice
  • How to Get to the Next Level
  • "What am I doing wrong?"
  • Sex and Dating
  • Or anything else that is on your mind!

Since there is no time like the present (and let's face it, your dating life isn't getting any less complicated on your own), Free Flirt Advice will begin this Wednesday. Just look for the pretty gal with the sign!

What:  Free Flirt Advice  from the eFlirt expert (Limit 10 minutes per person)

Where: Aroma Espresso Bar, 72nd between Amsterdam & Columbus, NYC

Date: Every Wednesday beginning July 15th

Time: 3:30PM-7:30PM