Why Nice Guys Finish Last

We've all heard the old adage 'nice guys finish last.' Unfortunately, sometimes it is true. Have you ever heard a woman say you are "too nice?" You might be in danger of falling into this category. If you're a younger guy, the ladies might not see your potential yet. As adults though, it's another story. What can be done to protect you against Too-Nice-Syndrome? The eFlirt expert is here to help.

Women want a gentleman, yes. Go ahead and open doors for us, surprise us with flowers, and offer us your jacket on a chilly evening. Keep us guessing with your small gestures of appreciation. We'll eat it up. Just don't forget to make us feel like a sexy mama also! This is where a lot of nice guys falter. Nice guys underestimate sexuality. They often get so caught up impressing us ladies with their sweet gestures that they don't make us feel like a hottie too. What gives, Nice Guys? Maybe you're afraid we'll think less of your gentlemanly ways or that you'll offend us. Trust me, you won't. Women want to feel cute and sexy. There's nothing better than a guy with contrast — someone who is sweet and caring, but knows how to take a bit of control in the bedroom.

Recently, one single friend told me that he "knows he likes someone a lot when he doesn't want to jump in to bed with them." I get where he was going — he cares about the process of getting to know them, wants to take things slow, etc. I commend this and frankly, it's refreshing — but the presence of a little sexual tension goes a long way. Women want a nice guy with an edge, not a nice guy who is a push over. It's a fine line but if you can achieve the perfect balance, you will be completely irresistible to the female gender.

It's like the lyrics to that Usher song "I need a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed." OK ... maybe not so extreme. But that's how we want to feel. Just as you desire those qualities in a match, we want a guy who can fulfill both personalities also! Sweet, with a wild side. Perfectly mannered in front of Mom or when out to a nice dinner, but hot for us when we get home. Some women are attracted to Bad Boys but in reality, if the gal is really your perfect match, she will be able to see through these other fellas and their games. Perhaps not right away, but eventually.

Nice Guys — you want someone who will appreciate your genuineness. Show her that she is irresistible to you on all levels. Make sure sexual tension is present. Be sure to maintain your confidence so you can snag Ms. Right. If a woman wants a nice guy, it doesn't mean she wants someone who is shy. She still want a MAN, just a thoughtful one with a big heart!