The Ultimate Dating Resource Guide

You meet a match. You get along. You go out again. Now what? The same old dinner and a movie can only go on for so long. Try something different! Check out a concert, festival, or wine tasting. Not only will it be fun, but your knowledge of cool events in your area will impress your date. Below are eFlirt expert approved ways to stay in touch with what is going on. Be sure to focus on free or low-cost ideas from these resources until you have gone on a more significant amount of dates. We wouldn’t want your date to decline simply because he or she can’t afford the $100+ ticket to a concert at Madison Square Garden. Until you know each other better, try a free concert instead. Most cities have great outdoor concert series!

My three favorite anywhere/most major city resources:
  • There is a TimeOut for virtually every large city. Admittedly, it’s my bible and I recommend that it become yours also. Check out articles on the site or subscribe to the weekly magazine.
  • Goldstar is not only a source for fantastic ideas but offers amazing deals on tickets! Music, theater, spas, comedy, film, sports — you name it.
  • Subscribe to Daily Candy's email newsletters on various topics. They focus on food, fashion, and fun. The Weekend Edition is the best! Available for most major cities.
Of course, I have some special resources for you New Yorkers! Did you doubt me??
  • From the NYTimes, Urban Eye keeps you updated on what is going on Monday — Friday. They send a great weekender on Fridays.
  • The Big Red Apple features random happenings in the city as experienced and researched by a NY’er.
  • NewYorkology gives a comprehensive listing of events by day.
  • The Gothamist is a staple. Be sure to check out the arts & events, food, and popular tabs. You can also get daily emails but, by now you’re probably emailed out!
  • Brooklyn Based sends three emails a week that focus on food, art, shops, services, and people.
  • CultureBot is for NYC contemporary arts and culture.
Got your own ways to stay in the know? Leave a comment and fill me in.