Do You Swear to Double Date, the Whole Date?

By Laurie Davis, Founder

Dave and Ethan are innovative daters. Really. They have a motto when it comes to being single in NY, and that is: Don't Do It Alone. They double date and only double date. Below, I get inside their heads ... and their dates.

You’re both single. You’re both friends. You double date. Why?
Dating with a friend by your side is not only more fun and laid back than dating solo, but you also have double the chances of making a love connection. That is, unless your friend is much, much better looking than you. In which case your friend will get all the attention. But luckily, we don't have that problem, because we are both very, very handsome.

How do you find these women?
In March of 2008, we posted an ad on Craigslist, in which we asked women to double date us. In the ad, we directed them to our introduction video on YouTube, and the submissions started rolling in. Thus far, we've received emails from about 1500 pairs looking for a double date.

Are the ladies usually friends also or strangers?
All of the pairs we date are friends with one another. We've thought about pairing up strangers before, but that kind of defeats the purpose of the double date, you know? Having a wingman/wingwoman you can trust by your side is really important in order to feel comfortable.

What is the most common reaction you get from single chicas you approach?
Horror. Sheer terror.

Just kidding — when women meet us, they're usually filled with nothing but lust and desire.

Alright, time to fess up. Something must have happened that gave you the insipiration to double date. Was it too many bad nights trying unsuccessfully to pick up chicks at a bar? A bad breakup? Spill it.
Dave: The true story is actually kind of pathetic. Ethan works in TV, so he had tickets one night to a very exclusive comedy show in New York, but he had no girl to take. So he ended up taking me, and it quickly became apparent that we were on some sort of Bromantic date. The whole evening was pretty impressive, with special VIP treatment and front row seats, but it would have been much more useful with a girl. Regardless, we had a great time, and realized we could probably have the best of both worlds if we were to double date. We posted the Craigslist ad and YouTube video that night.

Have many double dates been successful?
Well, we've gone on close to 200 double dates and we're STILL searching for love... What do you think?

200 dates! That's dedication to your double date model. Ok, the eFlirt expert has to know ... have you tried online dating?
We have individually, but none of the dating sites will allow us to create a dual profile. eHarmony thought we were starting a club for sex predators. assumed we were gay men looking for group sex.

That's hysterical. But since you are in fact normal guys, what happens if things go well? Do you continue to double date or is it ok to break off from the pack?
This is probably the one question we get asked most frequently. Ultimately, we've decided that if one of us were to fall in love, that person should have the right to enjoy it. But hopefully whoever is first to start a relationship would still support his wingman in his own search.

You often videotape your double dates. And you do standup. Is this just a PR ploy or are you really looking for relationships?
We really are looking for relationships. Anyone who has actually gone out with us can attest to that. We respond to everyone who contacts us, and our dates are very real. The stand-up is a bi-product of all the ridiculousness that has come out of our experiences in our journey to find love. Without it, we would probably go insane from holding in all the stories and lessons we've learned.

Do you accept dates that are camera shy or only ones willing to fill out a release form?
Ha, we've never had anyone sign a release form. Only about 5% of our dates are actually filmed, so you don't have to love the camera to go out with us. In fact, we prefer NOT to film, as it usually makes the date less authentic simply because everyone knows they are being watched. We do, however, always film our lovemaking.

Nah, that's a joke.

Unless you don't want it to be ...

Keep it clean guys, keep it clean!

If any pretty NY ladies are interested in double dating you guys, how can they reach you?
Email us at We would love to hear from you.


Whether you're single in the City or not, you should definitely check out their website for a few laughs.