The Globe got an eMakeover, shouldn't you?

A few weeks back the eFlirt Expert met with a Boston Globe reporter to give her Facebook profile a makeover. Here's a quick excerpt from the article that ran in today's paper:

"When online dating coach Laurie Davis saw my Facebook profile, she winced. She tried to hide it
with a polite smile and a demure toss of her shiny hair. But the damage was done.


“What’s wrong with it?’’ I said.

“The photo,’’ she sighed.

It was a snapshot of me, looking rumpled and grinning toothily, with a friend from school. It wasn’t flattering, and the crop was weird, Davis explained. And you should never have a friend in your profile picture - particularly not one who is attractive.

“A profile is a personal marketing campaign,’’ she said. “If you went online and saw a newly launched product with bad photos, you would just close the page. You wouldn’t wink at it. You wouldn’t buy it.’’



It's so true! Your photos are so important to your online profile, as we've already discussed in the past. But there's so much more than that! The way you phrase a sentence or the wrong adjective here and there could totally turn someone off to you, or worse — attract the wrong kind of person. Let me help! Don't worry, your profile will still totally be you, just the best version of you. E-mail me about an eMakeover today!