Running the eHarmony Marathon

This week we're going to talk about a specific site: eHarmony. I have helped many a client who is completely intimidated by eHarmony's profile. Who can blame them — it's THIRTEEN questions long! If we averaged the number of profile questions on other sites*, we would come up with the number five. From five questions to thirteen? Big difference. Of course there are reasons for the long profile but it doesn't make writing one any easier for you singles. On eHarmony, your matches are chosen for you but your profile is still a first impression. While they may claim to find your target dating demographic, you still need to appeal to those users.

What does the eFlirt expert recommend? Approach your eHarmony profile like a marathon; pace yourself, sprint when appropriate, and keep your audience engaged along the way.

Pace Yourself.

Make sure that you're not saying the same thing over and over again with each question. Tell your potential match new things as the profile progresses by reveal different traits, interests and subtleties of your personality.

How? Let's look at the question, "Other than your parents, who has been the most influential person in your life and why." If you're philanthropic, this could be someone that inspires you by their good deeds. To subtly say that you are family-oriented, chose another family member. If it is your scholarly-self you want to play up, try an educator. This could even have joke potential if being funny is your thing! Rather than taking the requisite serious tone, go against the grain and inject humor by taking it lightly. Just be careful — nothing in a profile should seem forced, particularly while running the eHarmony marathon.

Sprint When Appropriate.

Since eHarmony's profile is so long, take a few water breaks. It is important to answer every question but you can give quick responses for some. Where? Think about the key messages you want to give your match. Don't skimp on questions that focus on these topics. Also, when you're done writing your profile, go back and re-read your answers. Are there any opportunities to tighten up your writing by being more succinct?

Keep Your Audience Engaged.

In order to engage the reader, you want to show off what makes you unique but focus on things that your ideal match might also enjoy. Mix serious and light-hearted topics to keep your match guessing as they read. eHarmony's profile asks very specific questions with a serious tone. Don't get tempted by this! This is a first impression so we don't want to go too deep initially.

Your profile should only take a few minutes to read. The goal of a profile is to get your matches to contact you so always leave them wanting more. Say just enough about a topic, but not too much. If you write a novel, they might not be intrigued to ask questions and you might lose the race. And don't forget to flirt! Flirting, dating and finding a mate is why you're a member in the first place.

If you need more help get an eMakeover or profile from scratch. Writing profiles is my speciality!!