Man Cannot Survive on Wit Alone

A little chivalry can go a long way with a woman — opening a car door, draping your jacket over her shoulders or sending her flowers unexpectedly, to name a few. Merging chivalry and online dating is a tricky thing, though. You start off by communicating virtually via screen names and when you meet up, it is not your average we-met-in-real-life kind of date. In fact, I encourage you not to think of it as a "first date." As a guy, you want to be a gentleman but you don't want to cross that gray line into TMI land. As a woman, you don't want to give away too much of your identity and compromise your safety. In fact, you both might end up coming off slightly guarded and you know it ... which we'll address in another blog. For now though, the question lies: How do you make an impact greater than your charming wit?

The eFlirt expert, of course has a solution. And it's called Tigerbow. Tigerbow allows you to send real gifts virtually. You don't need to know a match's mailing address to send them a token of appreciation any more! In fact, you don't even need to know their EMAIL address, which is key to your safety when you date online. All you have to do is choose a real gift, select "Just gimme a link, I'll handle the rest!" and provide payment. You send the link to the recipient. Tigerbow provides a secure "stalker proof" platform for your match to enter his/her address, and ships the product. You look like a hero because not only have you put the thought (and funds) into sending your match a gift, but you have proved that you're on the cusp of technology by knowing about this gem of a website. Tigerbow will even send an email announcing the gift for you if you happen to know your match's FaceBook, Twitter, email address or phone number.

When things are in the early stages of dating, though, you don't want to break the bank just to make an impression. I was pleasantly surprised that the products on the site seemed affordable and some — dare I say — cheap! You can send cards, books, flowers, chocolate, movies, t-shirts, and popovers. (Man, am I a popover fiend!) Given the selection, let's talk about what to send and when.

Pre-Meet.  Sending a gift pre-meet might scream 'trying to hard' but in certain circumstances, it could help you out. For example, you're emailing with someone you think is outstanding. She says that she wants to meet up but is busy for the next couple weeks. Her hesitation to make plans for when she will be free has you thinking that she is potentially underwhelmed. To keep the interest flowing, why not send the book I Love You, Let's Meet: Adventures in Online Dating? It's funny, unique and will definitely catch her attention. I recommend waiting until half of her 'busy time' passes and sending the gift as a reminder that you're looking forward to meeting her.

Post Meet: You Had an Exceptional Time.  Try to send something that relates to one of her interests. If you can't find anything unique, go with flowers but skip the roses. Roses will have their place later on if your relationship buds, but it is too cliche for the first gift you send her way. Check out the Hydrangeas or Purely Purple bouquet instead.

Post-Meet: When It Didn't Go So Well But You Know It Can.  It's time for you to explain yourself to win your match back. Try sending the Heart card. Inside, write something witty. Maybe your cat died, a big deal fell through or you had too much coffee. Say that "you know you can do better." This elicits confidence. You're choosing to be proactive and not avoid the elephant in the room. It just might be crazy enough to work.

Every situation is different and this tool will only help your online dating cause if used wisely, but Tigerbow gives you the opportunity to stand out online between the 0's and 1's.