Client Testimonials

We love helping online daters find love! Here are some of the nice things our clients have been saying about us:

“Being a single woman over 50 was and is challenging. Finding yourself in the dating arena again after 30 years of marriage was difficult for me. It felt as being thrown into an unknown place, unfamiliar language and completely new dating rules. A well-known life coach sent me an article in the Boston Globe that featured Laurie. After meeting with Laurie and realizing her expertise, I decided to let her guide and advise me while dating. She put up my profiles, took my photos and represented me authentically. Working with Laurie was helpful, comforting and prevented anxiety about finding a partner and putting myself out there online.”  Barbara

"Online dating is going well, thanks to Laurie’s help. I am constantly getting emailed and am currently dating this one guy who makes me laugh." — Daniel

"Along with helpful advice, she had a bevy of great ideas and additional things to try along with some great resources." — SingleCityGuy

"Laurie, this is amazing! I never could have written something like this myself.” — Cynthia

“Not only has Laurie helped me date online, she has taught me how to communicate and navigate through sites like LinkedIn and even helped me build my own website. But more than that, she … reassured me and made me feel comfortable through the trials of dating online for the first time.”  Bob