How They Met: Fairy Tale Edition

Once upon a time, there was a little lady who decided to give a try. She thought a certain snarky fella looked cool, and decided he would be perfect for her very first email. A few short days later, they were inseparable! “Is always this easy?” she wondered.

But our story starts long before her fabled first email. It starts with that fabulously snarky fella who wasn’t happy with the way his love life was going. After an introduction by Thomas Edwards, the Professional Wingman, he was ready to enlist the help of eFlirt Expert. He started out slow with an eMakeover, and after Laurie “nailed it!,” he was ready to move on to the Email Reply Service.

A few months later, Mr. Snarky got an email that caught his attention from a little lady. “There wasn't any one thing about her profile that caught my eye — it was all the little things,” he said. “Her pictures ranged from composed to spontaneous & I really liked the way she phrased things. One thing that did jump out early on was that we replied to each other's messages quickly. I'm a web developer & online all the time & getting her replies quickly made me feel like she was there present with me in the moment.”

And they’re already talking about moving in together! “Some might say we're moving rather quickly, but we think of it as following a timetable that makes sense for us no matter what anyone else thinks,” Snarky said.

This online dating coach can’t wait to see how the rest of their fairy tale unfolds!