Client Feedback

We love helping people find love online! Here are some nice things our clients have been saying about us:

"This is awesome! I love it and never could have created something like this myself without an extreme amount of angst and effort." — Claire

"This is great! I really like what you have done with my profile. And your advice is on photos , IM etc. is very helpful." — Ceci

"I have no problem getting responses and dates now ... Your pointers definitely helped!" — Mike

"Thank you so much for helping me get started! The profile seems to have done the trick. It's attracted a good group of quality and like-minded guys so far." — Amanda

"Thanks for everything Laurie, you helped me get started! It would have taken me forever had I not worked with you." — Pamela

"I've gotten your makeover. It looks fantastic!!! You are really clever and very good at getting to the meat and leaving the rest. I'll start working on my profiles and see how it works. It would be fantastic to have first date situations to ask you about in the next three weeks." — William