Will Travel For Love

It is not uncommon for online daters to experience long distance relationships. In fact, some daters purposefully look outside of their local area so they can truly reach a new crowd of singles. Below are five eFlirt Expert approved ways to keep the love alive no matter how many miles separate the two of you!

  • Have "Phone Dates."  Make plans to 'pick up' your date at a specific time. Get wine ready, order a pizza together and start a movie on-demand simultaneously.
  • Send Snail Mail.  Handwritten cards, notes and little treats will show that you care when you can't be there. This will make the relationship seem more tangible.
  • Plan, Plan, Plan.  Take turns visiting each other and try to plan trips when you will both be free so you can maximize your time together.
  • Socialize.  When you visit, it's easy to want to hibernate together and really soak in the moments. Don't forget that it's important to spend time outside of your own world with friends, too! This will really feel like you are integrating each other into your lives.
  • Text Photos.  Show that they are missed by texting unexpected photos of yourself or places you have been to together. Snap a shot of something you are doing at the moment that makes you think of them.

As time progresses, make sure that you talk about where things are headed and when you'll discuss moving closer together. Will it be one year or two before you're ready to compromise location? Knowing that there is a date to talk about the future will leave you less likely to get frustrated with the miles that separate you both.