How They Met: Southern Love

"How They Met" is a new series that tells the story of how a clients made a lasting connection, with the help a little eFlirt Expert magic.  

It all starts with a Southern gentleman who recently moved. In an attempt to acclimate himself to the area and date some new ladies, he turned to eFlirt Expert's online dating help. While the Southern gent joined, Laurie recommended that he might also consider putting a profile up on Okcupid. He agreed and we got busy writing! Two eFlirt Expert profiles and two online dating sites later, our Southern gent started thinking that maybe he wanted a little bit more than just meeting new people. After several phone calls with Laurie, he had opened himself up to whatever may come from his dating life.

A few months later, he got a message that read: "I've never written to a guy before, but your profile was so compelling that I just had to say HI!" When they met up, drinks turned into dinner, which turned into talking all night.

"It's funny because in a lot of ways we are opposite. She is very sweet, makes friends with everyone, and very independent. I'm a bit edgy and sometimes abrasive, but we really compliment one another and laugh a lot when we are together," our Southern gent says. "I love how comfortable I feel around her and that we really connect on an emotional and physical level."

Since their first virtual meeting on Okcupid, they have spent a lot of time together including weekend trips for hikes and beach time. 

The Southern gent adds, "I think that her and I have great long term potential and cant wait to see what the future brings. I'm so grateful for eFlirt Expert's help!"

The latest? Their engagement was announced on Good Morning America are now married! Congrats to the Southern Gent and his new lady.