Finding Prince Charming

By: Laurie Davis, Founder

All women want the fairytale first encounter with a guy — something whimsical that they can tell their grandchildren one day. “My heel was caught in the sidewalk grate and as he helped me ... I knew then.” “We met again at our high school reunion after 10 years of not communicating and fell in love at first sight.” “Our hands met as we reached for the same pint of Ben & Jerry’s and there was instant electricity.”

Those stories all make our hearts flutter, and the reality is you might meet him at the grocery store … but you might also meet him on, Facebook or Urban Signals.  I’m living proof — I met my boyfriend on Twitter

Our personal lives increasingly involve technology today, which means that our dating lives have to also. So join a dating site, download the app and use Facebook connectbut don’t stop there. When you go digital with dating, you are in control. That’s the beauty of it. Sure, your inbox will fill up pretty quickly but are they matches that you would choose? Don’t you ever wonder who else is out there? 

Be a present dater and search your butt off. Each time you log in, dedicate some time to finding new matches on your own. Commit to writing three new guys a message per log in. Empower yourself to reach out to new matches, rather than just letting them just come to you. Use online dating as a tool to figure out what you actually want in a match and to meet people who possess these qualities. 

Just because you’re eflirting does not mean that you need to let go of your fairytale dreams. You still have to meet and have a date … and that’s where things can get magical. Rather than telling your friends that you “bumped into each other in the line for the bathroom” (is that really romantic, anyway?!), your story might include the funny thing that happened on your first date, how he looked even better than his profile pic or that you had such a great time you didn’t want to leave. 

Got a good story of how you met through technology? Share it below!