Client Feedback

We love helping online daters find love! Here are some of the nice things our clients have been saying about us:

“All of the women I meet from online dating say, ‘Your profile captures exactly who you are.’” — Clint

"Who would have thought a middle-aged woman would want to seek help from a 20-something for online dating? I never thought I would. But because of my lack of 'success,' I sought Laurie. At first, I was skeptical; I've lived a bit longer than her but how do I know the age gap was insignificant?  Simply put, because she got results! Laurie's wisdom and sense of approaching men was right on-target. There was absolutely no 'generation gap' working with Laurie. She read my poorly written emails, rewrote parts and low and behold, I got results. Laurie knows how to use wit, charm and wisdom to grab someone's attention. She continues to 'hold my hand' and I'm so glad that she is there to support me!” — Paula

"After several months on with little to show for it, Laurie gave me an eMakeover. I put my pride on the shelf and am thankful for it. She didn't make anything up or or change who I am, just highlighted aspects of myself and my life differently. And all of a sudden the women of Match were winking at me? Wow! I'm happily in love right now with a woman and I have only Laurie to thank." — Devin

"Omg ... I absolutely love my profile ... you are truly talented." — Martina

"Her A-game is impressive, expect to see a lot more of this young social media maven as she continues to be discovered by the online dating industry and mass market media." — Dave Evans, online dating industry commentator