Winking is Dead

You can have the most fantastic profile, but if the emails you send are sub-par, it’s still going to be a challenge to meet that perfect match. Winks are simply not productive anymore, particularly for guys. Frankly, some ladies don’t even check their winks at all! Why? Winking says that you are lazy — not genuinely interested. This can actually hurt your response rate. If you really want to get to know her, you need to write her. Get used to it too, because you’re still going to have to be aggressive as far as quantity is concerned. There is, of course, an art to crafting the perfect response to the ladies, and eFlirt Expert is here to solve your emailing woes!

Read.  If you don’t take a peek through her profile and talk to her as an individual, you’re not going to catch her attention. Savvy online daters can sniff a template email a mile away. While you’re reading, focus on things you have in common, things she is passionate about and things that intrigue you. 

Title.  Women generally have active inboxes. In order to make your email stand out from the crowd, never use a title like 'Hey there' or 'Hi.' It’s likely to get lost in the shuffle. The key to a good title is to make it relevant to the body of the email by teasing the content creatively. If you both love to cook and she mentioned lasagna in her profile, try “Battle of the Lasagnas.” If you both enjoy playing pool, maybe it’s “In the Corner Pocket.”

Act Genuinely Interested.  You should always focus on at least one thing you have in common because it qualifies you. You can either do this directly: “I love hiking, too!” — or indirectly: “This weekend my golden retriever (Max) and I bonded by hiking the Canyon.” 

Ask Questions.  Follow up your genuine interest statements with a question. Say your statement is, “Your love for hot sauce is hysterical but admirable.” Follow up with, “Are you a Frank’s Red Hot or Tabasco kind of gal?” Asking questions means that there are now actionable items, so she’s more likely to respond. Never ask two questions in a row either, because it will come off like the dating inquisition. After you question-drop, you can either move on to another topic or use it as a vehicle to tell more about your personality: “My condiment of choice is black pepper; it goes on everything. If it’s fresh ground, I’m in heaven.” Ending the email with a question is always best, if you can swing it.

Length.  If you say too much, it will appear as though you’re bearing your soul before she even says hi. But if you say too little, she’ll think you’re disinterested. An email with around five sentences is ideal. It can be shorter, but the content will need to have a wow factor. A few sentences of a thing or two you have in common won’t cut it.

Tell Your Name.  Don’t skimp when you get to the end. To come off truly open, you need to divulge your name. Only first names apply, though! Never give your last name until after you meet.

Now, get out there and email your butt off!  If you still aren’t getting the response rate you’d like or have email exhaustion, we offer inexpensive ghostwritten emails. It’s a great solution for your tired typing fingers and also boasts an educational process. Watch and learn!

Once you email three times each, it’s your turn to ask for a phone number or set a date. Some women prefer phone calls and some would rather just meet. If you’re living in a big city, it’s typical of online daters to meet up sooner and not chat on the phone. If you are in a suburb or small town, you might want to suggest the phone first.