Reduce But Don't Reuse

We have all done it, but that doesn’t mean we need to do it again! You know what I’m talking about — the cycle of past dates.   

You date. You stop seeing each other. You move on and date around ... but then you get lonely. Immediately, your brain switches into recycle mode. “Who have I dated that could have been awesome, but wasn’t?” And you call them. 

Before you recycle-dial, ask yourself a few questions to see if your ex is worthy of recycling — or if they should stay in the junk yard. 

What was your status?  If you were in a committed relationship together, stop immediately. You likely ended things for a reason and gave it serious thought. If you were just casually dating though, the line is gray and you should ask yourself:

How did it end?  If things fizzled on their end, there is probably a reason for it. If you weren’t feeling it and decided not to follow up, trust your instincts. If it was mutual, there may have simply been miscommunication. Did you have a blast together, but got busy towards the end and making plans was too much of a challenge? Then you can dial, but use caution.

What do you want?  Make sure that you know your motives before you dial ... and be realistic. If you were friends with benefits in a past life, it’s unlikely they'll turn into a serious relationship this time around. Remember, you’re reaching out to him, which means that you are setting the tone for what’s to come next.

This Earth Day, reduce but don’t reuse in your dating life.