How They Met: Single City Guy

Dating blogger, Single City Guy isn’t single anymore. After four months of working together, he is happily in a relationship with an Okcupid gal. How did the couple meet?

After following me on Twitter for quite some time, Single City Guy came to a Free Flirt Advice session. When he took out a notepad with a list of questions and a pen, I knew he meant business. I must have passed the test because after his complimentary ten minutes of advice, he signed up for the New Yorker package, now known as the eMix. I wrote his profile, took his photos and raided his closet. I wrote emails for him and taught him the art of crafting a note to his lovely matches. I kept his spirits up, answered any dating questions he had and helped him through his online dating journey.

Along the way, one of the things I told him is that, "Yes, there are a lot of do's and don'ts in dating, but at the end of the day, you want to meet someone who will make you want to break all the rules." A few months thereafter, he met his very own Rule Breaker.  

After a few well-written emails and a fierce game of phone tag equating to fifteen voicemails, they finally connected and arranged a date at Madame X. Feeling a little frustrated when he arrived for forgetting his mancessories, Single City Guy was quickly put at ease by their conversation. They talked for over 2 hours, passed the 1 drink minimum and soon, he knew he was hooked. "The thing I love the most about her is her personality," Single City Guys reveals. "I wish it was a cop-out answer but it’s not. What makes her so awesome is that she's engaging, bouncy, energetic and funny." 

Before the third date Single City Guy knew that he wouldn't be single any longer. Now that they have officially been a couple for a few months, he doesn't see an end in sight, either. "I don't know about our future ... in a good way.  I can't see an end to her — 1 month, 1 year, 10 years — I just don't see it. I'm certainly not prepared for her to go any time soon."  

What does the eFlirt Expert say? After seeing this couple in action, it's definitely the real deal.