Profile Photo Faux Pas

If your profile is your first impression to a match, your photos are the ”Hey, how you doin." Don’t fool yourself — pictures are what everyone looks at first when they click on you. This means that representing yourself accurately and with your best … er … face forward are uber-important. Take a peek through your Facebook, Snapfish and Picasa albums to choose your best shots, but be sure to avoid our top ten photo faux pas at all cost. Below we decode the messages you are sending.

Drunken Shenanigans

Why Not?! — Wasted and ridiculous will never be your best look.  
What You’re Saying — You’re a huge partier.

The Infamous Mirror Shot

Why Not?! — Whether your shirt is on or off, taking a self-portrait in the mirror is like the poor man’s photographer.
What You’re Saying — You don’t have friends who will take your picture.

The Undercover Look

Why Not?! — When you’re dressed up like a Private I - wearing a hat or sunglasses - your match still doesn’t know what you look like.
What You’re Saying — You think you’re cuter with accessories and are covering up your true self.

Bros and Hoes

Why Not?! — When friends are in photos, the focus is shifted away from you.
What You’re Saying — I’m popular, I’m cool ... and I challenge you to pick me out of this crowd. So there!

Far, Far Away

Why Not?! — If you are 100 miles away in the photo, your match can’t see you clearly. They likely won’t stick around your profile too long.
What You’re Saying — You have something to hide that would be noticed in a close up.

The Opposite Sex

Why Not?! — Even if it’s your sister, your matches won’t know that. And they likely won’t read that note you wrote under the photo either.
What You’re Saying — I might be a player, but you’ll never really know.

Shoddy Chop Job

Why Not?! — Cropping is good, but the trick is to do it in a way that looks like the photo wasn’t altered. No stray hands or half faces allowed.
What You’re Saying — This photo of me looking deliriously happy was taken with an ex.


Why Not?! — If you have kids, list them in the stats section of your profile but keep the focus on YOU.  If the little one is not yours, they will assume he/she is anyway.
What You’re Saying — The privacy of my family’s life isn’t important to me.

Artsy Angles

Why Not?! — Deception is bad. When you post a photo of you that is an odd angle and doesn’t look like you, your perfect match won’t come knocking because he/she won’t be able to recognize you!
What You’re Saying — I’m not comfortable with the way I look straight to camera.

The Scenic Route

Why Not?! — Photos without you in them (sunsets, cars, travel spots, etc.) are not relevant to your dating life. 
What You’re Saying — I think you should care about these things because I do.

So, what should you put in your profile?  At least one head and shoulders shot, one full-length picture and lots of smiles.  If you need some new photos after reading, there’s a blog for that, too.