Naming Your Digital Self

When you start communicating with someone, your username will be the one thing that continually defines you in their inbox. So, just like how you want your profile to sound unique, your virtual name should also.

Before you do anything, abolish the idea that you’ll just use a name that exists otherwise in your life — your old school AIM name, your GChat ID, your Facebook vanity, your Twitter @, your Skype account name, etc, etc, etc. It may seem natural — particularly because this is an online identity you’ve created for yourself and are already comfortable with — but it’s really important not to take the easy way out. 

Even if your Instant Messenger name doesn’t include your real name, it’s still a Googleable term. With that said, real names should obviously not be used. You want to reveal your first and last to someone because they’re special, not because they are Google search savvy. 

Start brainstorming by taking a peek at the interests you highlighted in your profile. These should give you some inspiration. For example, if you love learning about wine, your username might include like words such as pinot, cork or vine. Don’t be afraid to mix and match interests either to create an interesting name.

Make sure that your username can stand on its own two cyber feet, also. Using numbers in your username is bad for many reasons. First of all, they point out that 18 people before you thought up the same name. This automatically makes your “unique” username a bust. Numbers that actually mean something are a major no-no. Your birthday is too personal, your lucky number will be irrelevant to anyone else and the current year will become dated. 

Be sure to avoid clichés as well. In fact, cliches anywhere in your profile is not eFlirt Expert approved. Terms like “badboy” or “hotmamma” will not woo your matches — trust me.  

Got a username you're proud of?  Post it below to share your digital brillance with others!

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