Employee of the Month

In a world where we are often defined by our careers, the job section of your dating profile can become a make or break moment for your eFlirting life. Almost every dating site asks for an explanation of your profession in your own words, despite the fact that we’re talking about Okcupid, not Linkedin. In order to translate your professional experience for the ultimate cyber social experience, virtual finesse is required.  No resume-speak is allowed! To take your job description to a flirtable level, below are the top 5 challenges I see every day while working with singles, and tips to make your career description shine. So, whether you're between jobs, starting a new company or going back to school, get your iPads out because this meeting is in session.

1. Entrepreneurs:  Many brave singles looked at a layoff as an opportunity, but simply stating that you're an entrepreneur isn't enough. Some matches will read that as code for 'unemployed' given the economy. Instead, engage through enthusiasm! Exude passion on paper and explain a bit about what you're working on. This way, you’ll draw interest instead of leaving lingering questions.

2. High-Profiles:  If you're a C-level executive for a major corporation, keep your corner office to yourself. You want to make sure that your job description is discreet enough to fly under the Google radar. For example, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, should say that he's an executive in the social media space, and add a quick line about how it's interesting to watch his industry grow.

3. Back-to-Schoolers:  Many adults have decided to head back to school to earn an advanced degree. This is an admirable goal, but it still needs to be explained properly. The key is to fill in your potential matches with some background information and focus on the ambition behind your educational inspiration. For example, were you an accountant in your last job but are now pursuing your love of cooking by going to culinary school? Everyone loves a great story of someone who is following their dreams, so the more excited you are about it, the more your match will be too!  

4. Title Turbulence:  For many, job titles can present a problem. Whether it doesn’t accurately reflect your level of expertise, is crazy long, confusing without industry knowledge or you’re not even allowed to reveal it online — a title can get in the way of adding job experience to your dating profile. For all of these instances, the key is to talk about your job in general ways. Stay away from technical terms, talk about what field you’re in and name drop a few key responsibilities. Keep things light and interesting. If no day is the same, say that and then expand a bit! As long as a match has an overall idea of what you do, it shouldn’t deter them from wanting to know more.

5. Unemployed:  Even though it's common knowledge that there are millions of people who are unemployed right now, this still isn’t the most attractive thing to put in a profile since it’s your first impression to a match. Make sure to rev up the interests and hobbies in your profile so the focus is on what makes you tick outside the office. For example, are you devoting time to a volunteer organization or focusing on fitness? Say so! Your career doesn’t have to define you, so even though you don't have one at the moment, your profile should still be upbeat and portray the best version of you.  Don’t be afraid to leave the job section blank for now. If a match is curious, they can ask. 

The bottom line is that no matter what your career is - stay positive! Never include the name of your company or links to any of your work.  Keep the details until later when you can meet up and chat face to face.