From Fail To Fab: Meeting Offline for the First Time

By: Jess Downey, Copy Cutie

Fail: A few weeks ago, I met a guy from a dating site for a few drinks. Things seemed to be going great a couple of hours in, so he suggested we relocate for a bite to eat. After walking halfway down the block, he stopped and told me his friend texted him … and he was going to meet up with them. He walked me to the corner, gave me a hug and left.

Fab: You don’t have to block out an entire day for a first meeting, but make sure there’s ample time to get to know each other so things don’t feel rushed. If you know your friends are prone to last minute invites, plan your night so you don’t end up dating and ditching.

Nothing says you have to extend the meeting when things are going well; you can always suggest getting together at another time. However, if you make the offer to continue your night, follow through. Ending the date abruptly doesn’t really give off warm fuzzies to a potential match. 

If you’re just not feeling it, that’s OK, too – after all, that’s the point in meeting offline. Just be sure to end things respectfully so you can both go your separate ways.

Remember: Opting for a casual first meeting is fine, but mixed signals are never sexy. Make sure that casual doesn’t equal flaky.