A Social Media Maven's Relationship with Klout

If you’re social media obsessed like we are, you've definitely heard of Klout, a site that measures your influence on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, YouTube and a million other platforms. With the launch of our social media flirting services, we came across today’s guest blogger and her unique relationship with Klout. And I do mean relationship, which is more akin to a hot-and-heavy romance than you’d think ... 


By Farhana RahmanSocial Media Manager for Gofman Holdings

His acknowledgement of my efforts to please him mean the world to me. But our relationship is no longer what it once was.

Courtship. When I was younger and much less experienced, he took me in with open arms and told me that he adored me for being a 'Specialist' and for being influential in a variety of social media and tech-related topics. He instantly won me over because he appreciated me for who I was. He knew my strengths and was never shy to share his knowledge of my strengths with the world.

He also showered me with lavish gifts called 'perks.' The stronger our love became, the more perks I received. I always adored his spontaneity and variety in the presents he gave me, and I always willingly accepted.

Honeymoon Over. Within a few short months, I matured. My love began referring to me as a 'Pundit,' and as a result, he was making it far more difficult for me to please him. He would penalize me if I failed to satisfy his ever-increasing appetite on a daily basis. I would often stay up far past midnight in an effort to please him in every way that I can - only to later discover that my efforts meant very little to him. Months ago, he was easily excited over far less effort. I began to wonder: Could there possibly be someone else?

Devastating Realization. Before confronting him, I decided to do a Google search on my love to see if he really was interested in someone else. And lo and behold, there it was - an endless list of his ex's (whose hearts he had previously broken) who let their resentment against him be known! Many people referred to his way-of-thinking as 'flawed.' Others simply referred to him as 'stupid.' It hurt me to read such hateful comments against him. Yet at the same time, I found myself agreeing.

Never-ending Cycle. I just can't imagine myself ending my relationship with him! He always leaves me coming back for more. I visit him every morning, just to see if he will reward me for all I have done the night prior. That's rarely the case now, but I still find myself trying and checking. Because one day - maybe one day, he will realize that my love for him is ever-lasting, no matter what anyone else says or thinks of him.

Has Klout ever seduced you into submission? Share with us in a comment below!

Farhana Rahman is the Social Media Manager for Gofman Holdings, founded by Yossi Gofman, an investor in social media start-ups. She is also an Account Manager for SociallyBuzz, a social media marketing and advertising company. When not swimming in the realm of social media, you'll find her jotting down ideas or writing for her "Social Media Coolness" blog. On weekends (and/or when her devices run out of juice) she enjoys cooking a feast while spending quality time with her family. Follow @FarhanaRahman on Twitter to get a feel for her social media zest!