Top 5: Signs Your Date Was a Disaster

By: Samantha Eng, Copy Cutie

After a date, friends usually ask, “How did it go?” While the question seems innocent enough, sometimes you’re left asking yourself the same thing – how DID it go? If you failed to give an instant yay or nay response, there was probably a sign that suggested your date ended in disaster rather than hopes for a happily-ever-after.

1. Watch check. A telltale sign your date isn’t going well: watch OCD. While a casual glance at time is permissible, more than four watch checks in an hour means your date is a ticking time bomb. Expect a quick exit to follow.

2. Rain call. Beware the well-timed “emergency call,” which usually comes within the first hour of the date. Excuses are always urgent, need to be handled immediately and involve a family member or close friend. As a general rule of thumb, a good date will turn his or her phone off and not answer a call while you’re out.

3. Excessive bathroom breaks. It’s inevitable that nature will call, but it shouldn’t have you both on speed dial. On average, both men and women will head to the bathroom at least once – twice if you’re into “powdering your nose.” But more than four trips to the loo  aren’t just ‘bathroom breaks’ – they’re flat out breakaways.

4. Excessive drinking. When it doubt, drown it out. When subtle signals go unnoticed, an unhappy dater will make the situation more tolerable with self-medication. Black outs aren’t good first impressions … or signs of a good date.

5. The awkward ending. If your date ended without second date plans, an “I’ll call/text you tomorrow,” or at the very least, a kiss on the cheek, it’s clear this date was a one-time shot. Lack of a follow up plan or physical connection means a lasting impression wasn’t made.  

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