Fail to Fab: Ending a Date Early

By: Jess Downey, Copy Cutie

Fail: A few years ago I made date plans while I was out of town visiting friends. I kind of knew the guy, so we opted for a cozy dinner at his place. When we got there, he started rushing through dinner, even though we were barely into the main course. After mentioning several times that he “had to get up early,” I said it was okay for him to take me back to my friend’s house – even though I was unable to get a hold of them.

When we pulled up it was just as I assumed: no one was home. I said I’d be fine and he drove away, leaving me to wait on my friend’s steps ... alone.

Fab: It’s perfectly fine if you realize you’re just not that into your date. After all, that’s the point of dating in the first place. However, don’t let it hinder your judgment. Rushing through dinner so you can ditch him or her is never cool.

Whether you’re meeting someone for the first time or if it’s been a while since you’ve last seen each other, it’s a good idea to choose something casual like drinks or coffee. That way, if you’re not feelin’ it, you can avoid awkward endings altogether, since there’s no pressure with low-key meetings.

My mother used to carry a quarter with her when she went on dates in case she had to call my grandpa for a ride home. In general, plan for the worst-case scenario – it's definitely not a bad idea. 

Remember: It’s fine to not want a second date. But if you’re on a first date, follow through until the end.