Celeb Love on Twitter

By Krissy Dolor, Jill of All Trades

Whether in love or breaking up, there’s a good chance people are talking about it on Twitter. This social media platform is known as a forum to discuss everything from #RoyalWedding mania to live tweeting your date – so discussing your love deets on this public domain is nothing new.

But don’t think that dishing about love is restricted to us common folk. Famous people are guilty of a little TMI action, too. Just because they’re constantly demanding privacy doesn’t stop them from revealing intimate tidbits about their love lives (or lack thereof) online. After all, celebrities are people, too!

If you want a sneak peak into some star musings, take a look at our three favorite love-related celeb tweets of the week:


Name: Lamar Odom

Trade: LA Lakers Player

Relationship Status: In love

Gotta love a man who gives public props to his woman! Though we wish his grammar was up to par.


Name: Demi Lovato

Trade: Singer

Relationship Status: Single

This teen queen and former Disney princess has been open about her single status throughout the year and even tweeted about it back in July. Of course, this doesn’t mean she won’t share what important qualities she’s looking for in a man via Twitter.


Name: Rihanna

Trade: Singer

Relationship Status: Reminiscing about love

We wonder who she’s talking about here. Though we think the guy playing her BF in We Found Love looks an awful lot like Chris Brown…

Got any favorite celebrity love tweets of your own? Share with us below!