Top 5: Foods You Shouldn’t Order On a Date

By: Samantha Eng, Copy Cutie

The idyllic dinner and movie could take a turn for the worst if you or your date happens to choose the wrong plate. Whether it’s spinach in your teeth or pasta sauce splatter, here are the top five dishes you should skip to ensure your meal is sheer dining perfection.

1. Garlic. While it’s one of our favorite spices, skip the knots when on a date. According to, the reason garlic sticks around on your breath (and even worse – when you sweat) is because garlic is part of the allium family and contains a smelly sulfur compound that permeates through skin. Also part of the allium family? Onion, leaks and chives – so say no to those, too.

2. Spinach. At first glance, spinach appears to be a healthy choice, highlighting your good sense in eating right. However, the leafy green is super thin and will definitely get caught between your pearly whites, ruining your perfect smile. For another health-conscious option, stick with leafy romaine lettuce, which still has nutritional value.

3. Spaghetti. An Italian restaurant is the staple place for a romantic dinner, but unless you want to wear the sauce on your sleeve, skip the bowl of spaghetti. Even if you’re a master at using your spoon to twist each noodle into bite-sized portions, the splatter of the twist is bound to hit you – or worse, your date. Even if that never-ending noodle doesn’t end up on their lips, you’ll look awkward with an overstuffed mouth of pasta.

4. Whole crabs. Eating crab is a skill in itself. But unless the mission of the date is to teach the art of breaking apart crab legs, the accessories that come with this dish are nothing to laugh at. From the bib to the actual spray from the snap, be prepared to get messy.

5. Ribs and Buffalo wings. We’re grouping these in the same category because both equal the amount of mess. And aside from looking barbaric, it’s just not easy to stay clean while devouring food that requires you to navigate your way around bones. So save that saucy (and not in a good way) grin for a night when there's no pressure to look your best.

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