Perfecting Your Online Username

By: Laurie Davis, Founder

When online dating, your username is as much a part of your identity as your profile photo. After all, it’s the one thing your crushes will see again and again in their inbox. And trust me, clichés like ‘badboy’ or ‘hotmamma’ will not woo your matches.

Before registering for your site du jour, make sure your flirting identity fits within our username guidelines.

1. No firsts or lasts. Real names and nicknames should be nixed from your digital dating details. Anyone can cruise your profile, but not just anyone is worthy of knowing the name behind the avatar. Consider your real name the virtual equivalent of whispering sweet nothings – it’s special and should be reserved for someone you’re crushin’ on.

2. Never recycle. Your shiny new profile is not the place to reuse your old-school AIM name, GChat ID, Facebook vanity, Twitter handle, Skype username or anything else that’s affiliated with your current digital persona. It may seem natural to recycle, particularly because you’re already familiar and comfortable with the name, but it’s important not to take the easy way out. Googling a username will pull up just as many results as a legal name these days.

3. Avoid numbers. Your flirting username is not a numerology report. Staying away from numbers will allow you to remain unique rather than pointing out that you’re the 18th person to choose “citygal.” Revealing personal details through numbers is also a no-no. Your birthday reveals your age in the wrong context, your lucky number will be irrelevant to anyone but you, and the current year will quickly become dated.

To create username perfection, draw inspiration from your own words. Brainstorm terms similar to the interests highlighted in your profile. For example, if you love learning about wine, try incorporating words like pinot, cork, or vine. Don’t be afraid to mix and match until the perfect persona is live on

Got a username you're proud of? Share your digital brilliance with others in the comments.