Top 5: Trick or Treat? Beware the Halloween Mask

By: Samantha Eng, Copy Cutie

When it comes to dating, “Trick or treat?” isn’t a question you want to ask yourself at the end of Halloween night. Costumes, masks and face paints can be deceiving and will make you wonder if creepy crawlies and scary monsters really do go bump in the night. To be safe, be wary of these five Halloween costumes — and what could happen when the mask comes off. 

1. Face makeup. Give thanks to Johnny Depp for this magical touch. During the last five years, he’s piled on makeup to play Willy Wonka, the Mad Hatter and of course, the infamous Jack Sparrow. But it’s not until the caked stuff comes off when you’ll see whether or not you’ve scored a potential prince ... or a warty frog. After all, it’d be too much to wish for a hidden Johnny underneath all that eyeliner.

2. Masks. With comic book superheroes continuing to rule the silver screen, Spider-Man and Batman are always staple costumes. But the Scream ghoul and monster masks are also quite common. Look deep into his plastic eyes to see the man behind the mask. If you dare, take a page out of Mary Jane’s book and give your masked contender a smooch.

3. Sexy [fill-in-the-blank]. Women aren’t the only ones who use Halloween as an excuse to scantily clad themselves in a sexy something … or next to nothing. But these naughty costumes leave little to the imagination — which may or may not make the big reveal at the end of the night so, um, “big.”

4. Dick in a box. JT, Andy Samberg and the rest of the Lonely Island crew definitely gave themselves a pat on the back when they came up with Dick in a Box. It’s a hysterical costume, but you should also view it as a human Breathalyzer test for potential red alerts. Though these guys consider themselves clever, immaturity is an underlying theme here. Watch out for the obvious suggestive come ons while this costume’s on.

5. Last minute and accessories-free. Two in the same, the last-minute Halloween costume screams no creativity! Whether it’s just a sheet and two holes for eyes or a costume that’s wrinkled, clearly straight out of the bag, Halloween is a chance to be different. Lack of an extra something shows laziness, which might translate to him being lazy in other aspects, too!

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