Facebook Flirting: From FB Friend To Offline Date

By: Laurie Davis, Founder

Whether you’ve had Facebook since it’s inception or you’re still trying to navigate your way through it’s constantly changing redesigns, everyone needs a course on Facebook flirting etiquette. We're bringing you a four-part series on making the most of this social media platform.

As your digital network on Facebook grows, so will your crushes – it’s only natural!  But taking eFlirting from the social network to an offline date can sometimes be challenging.  The virtual path changes with each scenario because your relationships with each of your Facebook “friends” vary. 

First and foremost, check your potential match’s status.  You want to make sure that there isn’t a digital ‘ring on it,’ risking a blow to your cyber ego.  Once all signs are go, use the common Facebook flirting scenarios below to strategize your next date.

Just Met IRL.  For new acquaintances, don’t come on too strong.  Friend your would-be-mate and then sit tight.  Either privately message or IM your crush and say it was great meeting him or her.  This can spark a conversation that allows you to get your eFlirt on. 

You can also pipe up in conversation when a topic of interest appears on their wall.  Plant digital seeds of interest, but if they’re not responsive, don’t force it. 

Friend In Common.  If you have a friend in common but have never met, all hope is not lost!  In this case, it’s all about picking up on clues in your crush’s profile.  For example, do they have a large number of friends?  If so, it’s possible they accept friend requests not just from people they know personally, but from friends of friends, too.  Send a request and nix the cheesy note about how you think they’re cute. 

Once you’re inside their digital domain, the best approach is always an IM.  Catch them online and drop a real-time message so it doesn’t appear like you’re making a huge effort. 

Old School Pals.  If you knew each other back-in-the-day and are reconnecting on Facebook, send a message to say hi.  Start where you left off and make sure that your discussions travel into more personal territory.  Use what you know, whether it’s your match’s family or a passion of theirs.  Reminding your match that you’re not a stranger and remembering the things that they’re into will get you off on the right foot – and win you brownie points. 

If you don’t live near each other, suggesting a chat on the phone won’t seem like a crazy idea.  Bring it up by blaming it on your schedule: “Well, it’s time for me to head home from the office, but if you want to continue chatting later, give me a call!”

Regardless of how much eFlirting you do on Facebook, the goal is the same as it is on dating sites: Get offline.  Until you’re face to face, you won’t know what potential exists.  Though Facebook can be used as a tool to begin relationships, youneed to get offline in order for it to grow. 

Have you had a Facebook friend turn into an offline date?  Tell us your story in a comment below!